Arm and Hammer 2-in-1 Dryer Cloths

Arm and Hammer 2-in-1 Dryer Cloths

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I absolutely love Arm and Hammer 2-in-1 Dryer Cloths!! They work great!! I no longer have to worry about putting fabric softener in with my wash for the rinse cycle and this product works great for static cling. It makes your clothes smell great and are very soft to the touch. I love this product. It's a little pricey, but works wonderful and you can get a coupon at

These are great!

My favorite dryer sheets. I currently have three packs in my laundry room. I was first attracted to these not because of the brand, but because it said 2-in-1 Dryer Cloths. I love the smell of it on my clothes after they have been dried. I must add that I only buy them when they are on sale.

5 Stars :Heavenly scent, great softening power!. I purchased a 40 cloth tub in Lavender and Vanilla. The dryer cloths are moist and soft with liquid softener. These come in a gold plastic tub with a lid - the cloths are inside the tub in a resealable pouch, I paid $1.99 at Grocery Outlet. The fragrance lasts and is out of this world. I can leave the used cloth in my laundry or anywhere in the house and get a pleasant light lingering smell in the area.

Someone gave me a box of these, and I love the way the make the clothes smell, problem is I cannot find them anywhere to purchase them.

They make my clothes smell nice but they dont work any better than the regular dryer sheet,

works ok but still not as good as the downy

I have not tried these yet, but from what you are all saying, I think I am going out today to get myself a box. I do love arm and hammer products, just haven't seen this 2in1, sounds amazing. Thanks Ladies