LeapFrog Leapster 2 Learning Game System

LeapFrog Leapster 2 Learning Game System

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my daughter loves it .. only thing i would change is to put more color pages in it instead of 4

My daughter loves this game system.

My son loves his Leapster. I think its educational. I have found certain leapster games on clearance at meijer, kmart,and target so it hasnt been to expensive. They also have sales on their website.

We started out with a VSmile pocket and my daughter found it difficult to play the games. When we came across the Leapster 2 we gave it a go and she hasn't put it down since. The games are intuitive, educational and easy for her to play. I like that I can add a memory card and download games for her from home. The only reason I am not giving it a fifth star is that there are times the unit doesn't recognize the memory card and we have to open the back, remove and reinsert the card for it to work. We have had it for a year and my daughter still prefers it to the VSmile.

My kids loves it.. hope they produce more colors, it's so educational and fun at the same time.

My now 3-year old got this for her birthday because her big sister has a DS and always wants to play. She loves it and so do we. The fact that she is learning by playing through characters she knows is so rewarding. We've gotten a game or two handed down which is great for our wallets. The only things we do seem to find is the pen doesn't always work and the older games seem to get hung up every once in a while. Other than that, it's fantastic!

We love our Leapster! We've had it for years and now my 6 year old son has passed it down to his 3 year old sister. There are a LOT more games and activites that you can purchase for the Leapster. We've tried other handheld games and nothing compares to the Leapster.

We have the Leapster 2 and the orginal leapster. While I love these systems, they do have some issues. We upgraded to the Leapster2 because the orginal kept turning off for no reason and we were having problems with the game "reading" the game cartridge. The leapster 2 had many of the same problems but not as much. The games are great and my son still goes back to this even after getting the Leappad beacause we have some many games for it. It was his sisters and was passed to him so there are A lot games! My son learns while he plays and really enjoys they system over all.

I recommend this toy for any parent that is looking for an educational toy for their child/ren. The games are adequate the age range presented on the box and the handheld console is great for little hands. My children love this toy.

We snagged this awesome toy last year on Black Friday for $20! We never thought it would end up being one of our sins favorite toys. It has saved us many headaches on road trips and grocery store trips! I wish the batteries lasted longer, but don't we wish all electronics lasted longer! I am hoping to see some more toddler friendly games for it this year, last year they were hard to come by.

Both my son and I like this! I like the variety of games you can get for it and that they have some educational components to them.

Good learning toy The Leapster 2 is a top-notch educational tool that skillfully blends learning and play. With age-appropriate content, durable design, and interactive games, it provides an engaging and enriching experience for young learners. The portability and parental controls add convenience and safety. It's a value-for-money investment that makes education genuinely fun. Highly recommended for learning in children.

I got my 4 yr old this and let me tell you it keeps him busy and he is having fun not to mention he is learning and enjoying every second of it I don't regret it I trust leap frog being a mom of 6 you get to know the brands to trust an not to trust

My daughter love it

I raised my son on LeapFrog products and now I buy all the babies and toddlers in the family LeapFrog. It's excellent for combining teaching and fun. Love it!!!!