Pampers Diapers

Pampers Diapers

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Pampers are a must try. Huggies Swaddlers are hands down the best diapers. They are soft and hold up all night.

Butt for Love I have a primate Black cap capuchin I won't use anything but Pampers on my babies butt soft absorbent and price is not all that bad

Not for us For my baby shower I received a lot of different boxes and packs of diapers ? all different brands, so we tried them all. My kids skin is very sensitive & Pampers diapers, inside there is a net type layer (cross hatch like) & after wearing them, their skin would be red & irritated with the redness being in the lines of that net material. Like it imprinted on their skin.

Awesome diapers Hands down the best diapers all around. They hold up all night with no leaks. The wetness is evenly distributed. My son has no problems with them at all. Has been using since he was a preemie and he is currently a year old.

Best diaper ! Pampers we're the only diapers I would put on my 3 girls ! No rash. Or irritation. They were perfect ! And easy for them to move around in !

Stinky Pampers seems to have changed a lot since I used it with my older children. Before, the diaper wouldn't smell bad when baby goes number. Now, for some reason the diaper immediately gives a stinky smell after number one. We used to like pampers better before

Amazing These diapers work great! They never leak and keep the moisture away from my sons skin. His skin is sensitive and this diaper is soft and doesn't cause rashes. The fit is perfect too. I highly recommend to others.

I love these diapers they have the best absorbing stuff

My Favorite Pampers are by far my favorite quality diapers! Most absorbent and even have fresh scent

best of the best cheap but a good brand of baby diapers and I think my little nephew would like them better

Diaper you can trust! We tried all the major brands of diapers as well as some store brand ones and this is by far the best. This is the only diaper we trust and that we are sure will keep our child dry and clean!

My diaper choice As a mom of five, pampers was and is one of the best diapers I use on my babies, great fit , keeps the waste in the diaper. Pampers doesn't cause rashes even to the most sensitive skin. One of the best diapers ever.

Great brand I love this brand. I trust it and always have a great results.

Use these for my nephew all the time, super absorbent and well worth the price

Do not get it I am always having to throw away unused diapers because the yellow side tapes rip off!! Sometimes even while my babies are wearing them. The only reason we got pampers was because we needed preemie size and unfortunately up and up didn't have that size. But definitely switching back to up and up. They are cheaper and way better quality. Out of the whole box we were able to use half and we had to throw away the other half! Not worth it!!