Movie Where the Wild things Are

Movie Where the Wild things Are

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I absolutely loved this movie, so did my nephews. I have bought 2 copy's and would recommend it to anyone

I was shocked at how bored I was trying to watch this one. It moves slowly, and makes the story seem less likable to me.

Very interesting and odd movie. This book has been banned in some schools because of the behavior of the boy.

We were very excited to see this movie and bought the dvd when it came out. Waste of movie ! The whole family was very disappointed and we have never watched the movies again .

slow and long

Loved this movie and the imagination that was used in it. My daughter loved this movie!!

I was looking forward to watching it and comparing it to the book. I was very disappointed. I wouldn't waste your time seeing it.

You might enjoy this more than your kids. Darker than the book. Love that characters, story, and the music though!

Slow and boring...we were so excited to see the movie, because we loved reading it to our children, and they enjoyed the book. However, the movie was very depressing and they kids thought it was dragging on. Not work going out to the theater spending money to watch....Red Box it for a $1 if you really want to see it, but don't buy it first.

I loved this book when I was little but I could not get into this movie. The beginning was so slow, never even made it to the end.

I did not enjoy this movie. It's content was heavy and the character development was strange to say the least. I can say, however, that the imagery and soundtrack was spot on. The story was what made this movie a flop.

I am not a fan of this movie.. I was VERY disapointed. I love the book and was so looking forward to the movie and it was boring... and very strange. It was also scary...

This movie was so differen than I imagined it to be, but was at the same time very loyal to the book. I liked the quiet beauty of the film, it was stunning. The only real issue I had was that it was hard to take Tony Soprano seriously...

my favorite childhood storybook come to life! the movie was very indepth as to max's journey to where the wild things are. the wild things themselves were portrayed fantastically.

Not what I expected but well worth watching!!! We even bought it!