Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liners

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liners

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I've tried several other glitter eyeliners but these are by far the best for both color selection and formula. A quick swipe of one of these along the top lashline can bring your look from daytime to nighttime glam. I love to use the lighter colors such as midnight cowboy close to the inner corners of my eyes to bring some focus to my eyes and create a great funky party look. These look amazing when paired with smoky eyes! Using these alone without any other makeup also brings some emphasis and sparkle to your eyes. I think people tend to shy away from glitter for fear of looking too gaudy but the trick is to apply it sparingly and to strategic places. The thin liner brush on these makes it user friendly and prevents you from going overboard.

I Love Love Love Urban Decay!!!! It is definitely one of my most favorite makeup brands! I have it in Spandex (the aqua color with silver glitter) and it is stunning:) It has amazing stay power, even after a long girls night out! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to add some sparkle to their eyes!

this are just so cute i love them

I have this eyeliner in Spandex (blue and silver sparkle) and I can't remember the name of the other color but it's the white-ish pearl one. I absolutely love both of them! They are both easy to apply, look great for going out at night and give the eyes a dazzling look over liquid eyeliner if you want that special glitter effect for a special night out or for dancing. It dries quickly and doesn't smear all over the eye when I blink compared to other glitter liquid eyeliners I've tried.

This product is amazing! The packaging is great the applicator is a very thin brush so you never put on too much and are still able to build it up. The glitter stays wear you put it and doesn't fall on your face on your cheeks like others I have tried.

This stuff is great! It stays put and looks fantastic and striking. if you need to make an impression with your eyes, this will do the trick. The colors are great and the glitter effect is there but it's not overwhelming. I have been a fan of this product for years and highly recommend it.

My 15 yr. old Daughter has this product in black and she loves it! It does brighten up her eyes as well as her skin whenever she has it on and also gives a touch of glitter to her eyes & makes them sparkle. It could also be used on Haloween by anybody if interested.

I have it in Midnight Cowboy also--I love it! It's not too flashy for the day, but it really works well at night. Easy to apply, too.

Definitely a fan of Urban Decay products, would love to try the product.

I absolutely LOVE Urban Decay products. I've purchased so many and they last forever. This looks so awesome. Would love to try to get that look.

Those are great colors!

i have this in 2 colors. metalhead.. a great purple glitter and midnight cowboy- a light gold... almost beige both are very glittery and if you layer them enough you will end up with gilded lids i love them... they go on well and stay there for a VERY LONG TIME! i wore both in conjunction to a concert... the KILLERS!! and i must say that when i got home.. i was afraid it would be halfway down my neck... and it wasnt!!! i couldnt believe it it had lasted all night with minimal fallout/flaking! i was sold for LIFE!!!