Victoria's Secret So Sexy Shampoo & Conditioner

Victoria's Secret So Sexy Shampoo & Conditioner

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I absolutely LOVE Victoria's Secret So Sexy Shampoo and Conditioner. I am currently using the one for Color Treated Hair and I have seen a huge difference in the vibrancy of my hair! My hair is super shiny, sleek and glossy. I get Brazilian Keratin Treatments on my hair every six weeks, so I needed a shampoo and conditioner that would be gentle on my hair and not strip it. Victoria's Secret So Sexy Hair Products does that for me. I have really long (down to my bum) hair- it's wavy and very thick and dry, it can get pretty frizzy- so I love that this makes my hair smooth, lengthening my Brazilian Keratin Treatments and there is no frizz to found! Even on rainy or humid days, when I would usually be walking around with a full head of frizz, with Victoria's Secret So Sexy Shampoo and Conditioner, I have none! Another huge plus is the scent- I absolutely love the scent! I get complemented on it all the time and my fiance is crazy about it! I really can't say enough about Victoria's Secret So Sexy hair products, they really make my hair- and I don't plan on switching products any time soon!

My hair smelled great all day long Last for days

You can also get a better deal when buying the shampoo, conditioner, or any of the styling products in a combination for 3 items for $24 in the stores or on-line. All smell the same and are of the same quality as compareable salon products. I've used these intermittenly for 5+ years. And they do have travel sizes in some gift offers.

Smells great and make my hair feel soft.

Love victorias secret I really Love victorias secret so sexy and wished i could find it at decent price

I used my step-daugthers and loved the smell. I think this would be a good shampoo/conditions to have to rotate in and out with others, but my hair is color-treated and I'm not sure this offers protection for that. Good shampoo/conditioner!

This stuff smells so good and it drives my boyfriend crazy overtime I use i because he thinks it smells so good. I love the straightening gel as well

Love the smell and the straightening one which is the sleek hair one is amazing but be aware very heavy after you shower you will notice that your hair is like a pound heavier. it will make your hair very very greasy so use a small amount and only on the hair portion from your nose down. I use a claryifying shampoo for the other section of hair.

To me it is affordable there are many things to buy on the cheap and i beleive that your hair is not one of them..!!!!! As far as saying that its affordable then putting 10.00 as the con i figured that would be a con for some ppl... I have always used professional hair care paying 25 dollars a bottle and when i came across a product that was half as much and delivered just as much quality as the more expensive brands.. I thought it should get a good review. For saying the Conditioner is clumpy.. you need to rub it together in your hands then pat it over your hair then massage in root to ends .. These bottles last me a month and a half.. and it only takes dime size amounts if you know the tricks...** For all the military wives/women out there there they sell this at the PX/BX for $6.50 a bottle and that is where i buy them!!!

I didn't even know these existed.... O*M*G*

I love the Victoria's Secret So Sexy Shampoo & Conditioner. It leaves your hair soft, shiny and not to mention smells AMAZING!!!

Smells incredible but not so sure about the price or the results

Works ok smells great tho didn't notice much change

Smell is amazing! Packaging is nice, but I didn't see anything that great for the price.

I love the smell and packaging, but overall I haven't noticed any major difference in the appearance or texture of my thick hair.