Johnson's  Head To Toe Disposable Washcloths

Johnson's Head To Toe Disposable Washcloths

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Seriously, why don't you just put your kid in the bathtub?

I don't really recommend these for washing baby. The soap doesn't last long enough. even when you use multiples. its great when they are a little older and want a fast clean up instead of using baby wipes this is a better choice.

The only thing I don't like about these are that they are not reusable. We have enough junk filling up the landfills that we really don't need to add to it. Although, these are good for traveling.

These are great for traveling, My children have very sensitive skin so it is often difficult to find products that are right for them. These were great for overnight trips or on the go clean ups!

They are very easy to pack, no worries about soap spilling. Doesn't take up a lot of room in a toiletry bag. However, it is a lot of waste. They could come smaller and more in a box. This is definately a convience product.

A nice convenient product, especially for babies. My only complaint is that the soap seems to run out before I am done.

These are great! I use them myself sometimes.

I love these for overnight stays outside the home, LOVE the fact that you can clean your baby and just toss them when done, instead of forgetting your baby's washcloth somewhere. Very practical for my family and I when we visit back home.

I prefer these disposable washcloths for my children when we are traveling. They are not as irritating as other brands. The scent is much more pleasant! Doesn't leave a residue on the child's skin afterwards. Great for travel cases or diaper bag for "diaper accident" days. Works great on older children as well!

I love these! Just enough soap on each cloth. You don't have to worry about wasting the bottle soap.

with a newborn and a toddler, these are god-sends! i keep a package in the diaperbag, car, kitchen, livingroom, bedroom, at grandma's, etc. great for bathing a newborn when they are too small to take a bath in the tub or sink and haven't lost their umbilical stump. also great for ANY messes a toddler can create. crayons on the leather car seats? sticky fingers from juice touching EVERYTHING? picking something up off the ground? no time to wash hands before dinner out? these things are amazing.

Greatest product I received as a baby shower gift! I love them and now I can't do without them!

I LOVE these so much! Each cloth contains just the right amount of babywash and lasts the entire bath, unless it's a LONG bath. LOL I still use them for my 4 year old daughter! She loves having her own washcloth, and i love not wasting babywash! I also like the bedtime washcloths. This product is perfect for travel! No mess, no spills, and can be packed anywhere! I put them in a ziploc bag and pack them in my bag. Love IT!

I absolutely love using these for travel for both my infant and toddler. You don't have to worry about anything spilling and they take up so little space. They are also great for newborns so you don't have to worry about the hassle of soap and holding baby.

I received these for my baby shower and used them mostly on the go. They also work great as a quick face wash for mom to wash make up off too. I love the scent, it's light and fresh.