Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

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Truly a miracle worker Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner truly is a miracle worker. I've never had a product make my hair this soft and silky before. It makes it so much easier to brush through with no knots and tangles. I also adore the coconut scent that it has to it.

10 out of 10 Everything about this product is great 10 out of 10 . It gives great slip . My hair is soft as a baby's bottom afterwards. This is one of the best products I have tried and for the price you can't beat it. There is nothing better on the marker that compares. I give it 10 out of 10 . However If you don't like heavy fragrances this might not be the best product for you. But it you want beautiful soft hair the smell it is worth the buy.

Amazing economical conditioner. amazingly concentrated conditioner. one bottle lasts years. great coconut scent. makes the straw on my head feel like hair.

Tried and true, excellent. I have been using this for years. If I use it once or twice a week in place of my regular conditioner, it does a great job keeping my hair in good condition. But, you can adjust frequency according to you hairs needs, which I like, so If you forget sometimes, your hair is still good. It rinses out nicely, not icky sticky, and no residue that I have ever noticed. A little goes a long way. My friends all use this too and like me they have tried others over the years but always come back to this.

Extra Clean I've been using Aussie mega moist conditioner for a year now. I'm very satisfied with the end results. It smells amazing and it leaves your hair feeling so soft and extra clean. I'm looking forwards into trying more Aussie products.

Truly a 3-Minute Miracle I use this at least once (sometimes twice!) a week, to keep my - textured, dry, VERY coarse - hair as soft and shiny as possible. The product goes in and washes out very easily, and the smell makes me feel like I'm at the hair salon.

Wasn't bad, wasn't great I have type 2b/c hair, it was recommended to be safe for curly girl, and it is. I just didn't notice much difference like I thought I would. It's a good product for the price however, just not mind blowing to me

Smells great, works well I love Aussie hair products but this by far is my favorite. It has jojoba oil in it and it works really well for deep conditioning dry strands. Plus it smells amazing!

Works great, smells great I've been using this on and off for years, I LOVE the smell, and it does a good job conditioning my hair.

A Great In Depth Conditioning! This Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner has done wobders for ny hair! Its such a quick fix to repair dry damaged hair. Especially since i snorkel and scuba dive a lot, my hair tends to take a beating from being exposed to all the salt water.

Aussie 3Minute Miracle Conditioner I love Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. This Conditioner repairs your hair without feeling greasy or weighed down, A very pleasant scent and the price does not break the wallet.

The best conditioner! I love this product! He conquered my thick and porous hair so much! Using this conditioner, my hair became shiny, healthy, soft and straight!

Made my daughters hair healthy again. I love this stuff. My daughter has very thick poofy kinky hair and nothing worked to condition her hair and help detangle it. Her hair was so damaged with bad split ends. Someone told me to give Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner a try so I did and immediately I could tell a difference. It was easier to brush her hair and it wasn't as frizzy. I took it a step farther and got her the shampoo and conditioner. My daughters hair within 6 months was healthy and conditioned like it needed to be. I definitely recommend it.

Hair magic! Aussie 3 Minute Miracle leaves my usually wild and unruly curly hair feeling way more soft and considerably less frizzy. Also it smells soooo good!

Great conditioner for those days when you don't feel like a 30min-1hr long deep conditioner.