Sara Blakely Assets Bodyshaping Hosiery

Sara Blakely Assets Bodyshaping Hosiery

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I bought this product at target and it worked great. I just needed it for a special occasion and it made me look good in my dress.

Let's be honest, these have absolutely ZERO the control that their sister brand SPANX does, but if you're in a hurry and you don't want to have to pay the SPANX price, this is a great, budget friendly alternative. I should know, I have almost every size and color the make it in. The tummy/shape control is not super snug, but they fit great and they really give you the smooth lines you need, especially with unforgiving clingy dresses or light colored slacks. I love them.

Wow. I've worn these under skirts for over a year and not had this problem. I'm wondering if some of the problem was wearing them under pants. I wear them to work (standing and sitting all day, too.). Sorry to hear they didn't work for you! I thought they were a great cheaper version of Spanx.

I have bought these as I love Spanx, but can't always afford all that I want. This is a great option when you can't spend as much. but still want the slimming effect. I have used both, and this is not as high of quality, but great for the lower price. I have recommended it to family and friends, and twice while wearing the cami, have been asked if I have lost weight!

Here's my hot tip if you buy this over actual Spanx line...go at least one size larger so your final appearance is not squashed. I don't like to lose my butt curve (not an elegant way to say this) when I wear a support garment or hose. So with these, I went one size up and felt like I was "held in" but not squished. I love that this price point is more reasonable than Spanx. But it's not an actual bargain. At $15, I still treated them gently.

I bought the long leg capri body shaper by Assets, at my local Target store, and it was extremely affordable at just 15.00. It was very effective at smoothing me from my upper tummy all the way to below the knees, also very comfortable for this type of product. This made my curves *curvier*, instead of bulgy... Which was great. I would give this product 5 stars if it had been more durable. Unfortunately for me I was only able to use it 2 or 3 times before they developed a "run" much like a pair of pantyhose.

I purchased these as an alternative to the overpriced Spanx brand. All I wanted was something to smooth me out and keep my thighs from chaffing when I wore a skirt - I was not looking for a shaper to hold me in, just smooth me out. These sounded like a great product that would meet my needs. And they did, for just one wear. They are made out of a thicker-type pantyhose material so they were super comfortable, but after one wear they had runs, holes, rips and tears - and all I did was wear them to work under a denim skirt (I teach so I was basically sitting or standing all day). I thought maybe I bought the wrong size, so I went up a size and bought another pair - same thing happened! I went on to read customer reviews (I bought mine in store so I didn't read these before hand) and it seemed like many of the customers had the same problem. $15 is just way too much to spend on a pair of underwear that you will only wear once! I have switched to a cheaper brand from Wal-Mart that is way more comfortable and has not had a tear, rip, or run yet. (and, they make me a whole lot smoother than these did!)

I will say, if I'm just needing a smoothing session, I will go with my assets. I definitely prefer my real Spanx to Sara Blakely's Asset Brand. The first time I washed there a hole ripped in the crotch. I'll wear them with dresses or skirt,s but definitely not with pants.