Your Baby Can Read Early Language Development Program

Your Baby Can Read Early Language Development Program

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this is insane! thanks for interesting info! I can see its really cool

Very disappointed Since the original company went bankrupt it's now called your baby can learn. I'm not too excited about it. My girls only liked the songs and wouldn't sit long enough to learn the words on the screen. I guess it would work better for a baby that lays around and does nothing. Not my cup of tea but maybe for someone else it is. I like interactive things for my girls and this isn't very interactive at all.

Nothing special It's nothing special, the songs are good but it's poor on pedagogy for learning. Wouldn't spend money on it.

This is such a good tool for development for your child .it really does help them learn and its a fun thing to do as a family together .the cds are so much fun and really are enjoyable

I have an early childhood degree and was excited to purchase this for my kids. I was disapointed, it was not attention grabbing for the kids and all it is doing is having your child memorizing words, they are not learning to read. I would not spend the money on it.

My son only likes the songs and nothing else. Just regret spending so much on this.

I bought this for my son when he was a baby. I paid $200 for it new. The only thing that upsets me is you can now buy it for $20 bucks at walmart. It has taught my son alot though. He is almost 5 and is smarter than a 7 year old. He can sound out words and regonizes alot of words. He also can say and sound out big words that really suprises me. I have started using this with my daughter who is one also and she loves it. I dont follow all the rules with it or pressure them to watch it either. And i do also work one on one with both of my kids. My son sometimes just says lets watch baby can read mommy and puts it on for his sister. Im sorry to see all the bad reviews because this is a great product. Even if u just play it everyonce and awhile its worth it.

My sister in law bought this for her daughter and it ended up sitting in the closet. She gave it to me and I looked at one of the Cd's. I am not real keen on these early learning products. With my older son I let him wait to learn to read when he started school, let kids be kids and play. I think they are charging people a lot of money for a product you don't really need.

I haven't bought this product and won't! Why should I buy something that I can do myself? I know how to make flashcards and go to the Dollar store to get learning books with shapes and colors. As far as the childrens songs, you can get DVD for $1 that have these same songs and children singing them. Why spend so much money on a product that you can make for much less. My 4- year old is a very smart child and has been because we talked to her and pointed things out to her since she was a baby. Sorry but I rather have the parent/child interaction with my child than sit her in front of the TV/DVD to have a DVD teach her something that I can teach her myself. Just my opinion!

I was planning to buy this product for my daughter, but after reading the reviews I don't think I will. Thank You all.

My parents just bought this for my kids. I understand its a great investment. Only time will tell. My niece loves hers...

Personally I don't have kids try but am in the process of big this product.i have heard alot of great things and believe this is a real opportunity for our young ones.anything to help our future.I'm buying this product now because in a year from now I don't wasn't to be scrambling to pay for it or worse its off the market

my twins got it for a gift and they have learned alot from it. they are 2 1/2 and watch it once a day. they know the pictures and songs. we are now working in the books and flash cards

i use this program for my 10mo old son, and i love it, ive been using it for about 4months and although he is not reading yet (i didnt expect him to this early) he is certainly recognizing words and making responses accordingly. and i dont think the comment that this product is good if you dont plan on spending that much time with your child, is fair. unless you have a maid, personal chef, and other time saving luxuries, you simply cannot be with your child 24/7 and as much as we would all like, when im washing bottles or preparing home made organic baby food, these videos are an excellent education option to keep him busy for a few minutes, and trust me, he doesnt complain, he loves the videos and books. :)