Happi Tummi Gas and Colic Relief

Happi Tummi Gas and Colic Relief

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Colic can cause desperation, and during ours, we bought everything that said it would help. This did nothing of the sort! He never even noticed it was there.

my hubby bought this at a baby boutique up the street because our son had colic and we were desperate. we were afraid to use Mylicon with him and figured something natural would be better. well it worked some of the times and all the time caused my son to vomit all his food or spit up. so we buckled down and got the Mylicon which worked better. dont waste your money on this. if anything make a pot of chamomile tea and give baby little droplets (recommended from his pediatrician).

I have infant twins who both had crying bouts in the evenings. They were not every day crying bouts but enough that something needed to be done with them. I went online looking for a natural remedy and found the Happi Tummi. I bought two-one for each child. I believe that they possibly worked the first couple times we used them. The uses after that did not bring comfort to my unhappy children. On the posititve side, the herbal packet smells very lovely (the mint is my favorite) and the outer pocket is made of very soft material that was pleasant to the touch. I do not feel that the Happi Tummi helped either one of my children. We ended up changing formulas and that seemed to have better results.