Bear Naked  Cranberry Raisin Cereal

Bear Naked Cranberry Raisin Cereal

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Not very good tasting rather sour

I thought I was going to really like this product but Im sorry to say I dont.I like the Brand but this cereal just had no taste to me .Perhaps I just got a bad box because as you can see everyone seems to really like it.It is not cheap stuff so I am still going to finish the box.

This product is quite expensive and not really impressive at all. I feel like I can purchase one that tastes way better for way less money.

I have never eat any so i do not no if i would

I was watching foodnetwork when they introduced this product and the newly minted college grads who created this line, however I think the brand is too expensive. I love the Granola in my cereal, but then i do not think i will be buying this.

I jsut about like any cereal this one was okay, was not the flavor or taste I was expecting and on a fixed budget, a little expensive for me to continue buying.I love apples and cranberries, so I will find a way to incorpoarate them in my regular cereal.

it taste alright :)

The apple slices were large and soft, hated them! I loved everything about this cereal!!! The flakes stayed crunchy the entire bowl! The sunflower seeds were different, but if you normally like sunflower seeds, then I think you'd like this too! I may buy this cereal every now and then when I'm craving something healthy and different.

High-quality product - and I recently received a $1 off coupon in the mail! Score!

It's great but a little expensive

My kids normally turn their nose up to granola, unless it's homemade. However, this gets a thumbs up from BOTH of them. That is a feat in and of itself! I LOVE it on my yogurt!

its yummy and good....

I really like this mix, when they go on sale I make sure to stock up!

If You Like a really crunky cereal, then this is the 1 for you. Has alot of fruit & Nuts inside. W/ a lite sweeten taste. I Also eat this as a snake at times. This brand Bear Naked is really good!!!

I rarely eat cold cereal. Bear Naked cereal is one of very few cold cereals I purchase. I love the flavor and the ingredients are so real and taste great. When I see it on sale, I grab a bag as a tret to myself!