Lipton Diet Sparkling Green Tea Strawberry Kiwi

Lipton Diet Sparkling Green Tea Strawberry Kiwi

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I don't know, but I think I am a little sensative in the tasting area. I didn't like the diet version what so ever. It tasted a little flat. There was also a strange taste to it which I can't describe. not so much a water down feeling, but I wasn't satisfied. I would rather buy the regular version.

i dont like the diet one. i like the regular green tea.

it's not to my taste, I prefer something less sweet. That being said it was refreshing only a tiny"diet" aftertaste. It wouldn't be my first choice... it wouldn't be my last choice either

Liptons new Sparkling Green Tea (Strawberry Kiwi) is fantastic, I've had the pleasure of trying both the regular and diet version of this drink and both are light and tasty. The diet version is a calorie free, sugar free delight and I can't get enough. If you like carbonated drinks but hate the heavy feel of them, try this little gem, you won't be dissapointed.

I love it. This tea was not bitter. It had a smooth sweet taste. There was no after taste and it was just refreshing especially when it is ice cold. I just love it and I will buy again.

Lipton Diet Sparkling Green Tea Strawberry Kiwi is very good! I usually don't like diet drinks, and I usually don't like green tea either. But I tasted this at a friend's house and just had to go out and buy some. Delicious!

I have to say I hate tea but I love this drink. It has a lot of carbonation which is what I like. It also is a better choice for me then soda.

I havent had this in a while... I cant find it Hawaii... I remember it being light and sweet - a nice alternative to regulars colas/soda

I love this product! You can enjoy the sweet, refreshing flavor without all of the calories of the regular version. I couldn't even tell it was diet. The traditional Strawberry Kiwi combination is awesome with the sparkling green tea flavor. I would definately recommend this if you were trying to cut back on calories but enjoy the same great flavor and qualities of a regular drink. Thumbs up!