Kraft Caesar Vinaigrette with Parmesan Dressing

Kraft Caesar Vinaigrette with Parmesan Dressing

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There is too much peppercorn flaor in this dressing. I did not like it at all.

To be honest, you cannot beat the price of the Kraft salad dressings, but I think you do pay for it in taste. Compared to other salad dressings, Kraft I like the least..often too watered down and salty for my taste.

Creamy goodness and adds so much to any side salad. Just the right blend of spices and goes great with baby spinach

Delicious and unique taste! Use for salads and dipping veggies.

This is a great dressing. I use on salads and for dipping raw veggies.

I love Italian dressing so I tried this product, I loved it. It has been a good staple to have to since I eat a lot of salad and don't like the heavy, creamier dressings.

For the price my family enjoys this vinegrette. Not too "ceasary". But also not creamy so this does save a few calories. Wish it had less sodium and sugar.

Great dressing for the price. It's hard to go wrong with any Kraft product. It is a bit watery at times. Excellent on grilled chicken salad.

I don't understand. Why do people think that the poster can send them a free sample?

much better than I expected. not made with olive oil though.

I love this dressing which can also doubles as a marinade for meats. Very good value for the price and you can find the light variety as well!!!

I love vinaigrette's and parmesan and this particular flavor combines both! What more could you want in a salad dressing?

I not only use this on my salads, but it is also an awesome marinade.. Delicious

Best of both worlds here, always good all the time.

This is what I use to marinate my chicken before I throw it on the grill. The price is affordable.