Kraft Caesar Vinaigrette with Parmesan Dressing

Kraft Caesar Vinaigrette with Parmesan Dressing

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This is my FAVORITE salad dressing. I love the parmesan in the salad dressing. I DO tend to buy the lighter version if available.

Crowd-pleaser as a Marinade! We love to use this as a marinade for chicken. Soak overnight and grill the next day! The flavor is a crowd-pleaser.

Tasty, and useful. I really love this dressing. I don't like anything but creamy dressings on salads, but I use this dressing. I also use it for pasta salads, it has more flavor then basic "italian" dressings and it adds a bit of kick--instead of just vinegar flavors.

This is what I use to marinate my chicken before I throw it on the grill. The price is affordable.

Best of both worlds here, always good all the time.

I not only use this on my salads, but it is also an awesome marinade.. Delicious

I love vinaigrette's and parmesan and this particular flavor combines both! What more could you want in a salad dressing?

I love this dressing which can also doubles as a marinade for meats. Very good value for the price and you can find the light variety as well!!!

love it. i can't eat my salad with out it. when i went to have my son last year I put it in my hospital bag so when i was in recovery room and i was eating my salad i had it with me. love it.

This dressing is a mainstay in my fridge now for over a year! It has the full bodied flavor and zing that I love about Olive Garden's dressing, but I think is actually better! It goes on nice and thick for a Vinaigrette and adds a nice strong punch to your salad or veggies! You will fall in love with this one!

Tried it, loved it, and want more!!

we love this dressing. We use it alot with fresh mozzerella and tomatoes and cucumber salad.

i loooove this dressing....and it also makes a great maranade....i love it on pasta salad too!

Love the taste, more robust than Italian.

Love the taste!!!!