Archer Farms Iced Coffee Mix

Archer Farms Iced Coffee Mix

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It's not the coffee mix in provided pic, but is the same brand.

Are you still finding this at your store? I used to buy it and can't seem to find it anymore. :( I wrote to Target and said they needed the 9-digit product (DPCI) number, which can be found on a price tag or the shelf at the store or the 12-digit barcode (UPC) from the item. Of course I have neither of these because I'm all out and couldn't find more! lol You wouldn't happen to have either of these??? I agree, best iced coffee mix around and SO much cheaper than going to a coffee place.

I actually Love ALL Archer Farms Products and they are only sold at Target luckily for me I have one in the area, thats how I discovered this brand and I am very happy with them. The Iced Coffee Mix is Delicious and very friendly on your wallet!!

I was happy to try Archer Farms iced coffee mix. It satisfies my iced coffee cravings. I usually stop at McDonald's for Caramel Iced Coffee or Dunkin Donuts for Cinnamon Iced Coffee. We have a few Starbucks, but their prices are outrageous. I love all of Archer Farms (Target's house brand) and glad I have a Target close by.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm COFFEE :D

I loved this.Ice Coffee. i would use this more if could get it closer than 30 minute drive. But love the product

love Archer Farms anything!

Much cheaper than buying iced coffee at Sheetz, Starbucks, or McDs! Love the taste. I will continue to buy as long as I have coupons, and when I don't feel like making my own. However, it's real cheap and easy to make your own, and custom make the tastes to suit you. I like the Tofani Syrups, but I also like to use Hershey's syrup for a little added flavor.

I love this Archer Farms and this mix is yummy!!!!!!

very good product. i like the taste. its really good

Not bad for a Target brand! I actually tried this out the other day and I found it to suit my iced coffee cravings when I didn't have the money this month for starbucks. Not bad at all. Has a nice flavor and you can always add your own to make it jazzy!