Kashi Cereal

Kashi Cereal

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I think this cereal is amazing! It is so good and it's healthy for you. It gives you a serving of whole grain and it's organic. Since I found out how bad high fructose corn syrup is, I have been looking for cereal that doesn't have it for a while and it has been a big challenge. This is the first cereal that i have found without it and it tastes amazing! I got a free sample from the website and I'll definitely be buying the cereal from now on.

I like the Kashi company; they always have great products. I tried their new Go Lean cereal and love it! I'd say, try it!

this cereal is very sweet, and totally worth trying out. I really appreciate all of Kashi's cereals for producing a high protein cereal that tastes good!

I love everything Kashi! I love their GoLean Crunch! sooo good!

I have only eaten it right out of the box, no milk yet. :) I gave a box to my friend to try ... I don't think it's that expensive, and even better with their coupons. Nice, sweet little squares!

Just a great cereal. Makes a wonderful dry snack for my 22 month old!

i have been a big fan of EVERYTHING kashi for awhile now.... its all natural, good for you, HIGH in protien & fiber which is a definite plus! Love it! Try their frozen meals too, they are great!

Kashi is a brand that NEVER disappoints me and makes me feel smashing for eating their products! Hurray!!!!

It's the new favorite in the house - we all love it! I feel good about giving it to my 3 year old

We thought it tasted much better than we expected it to

The first time I purchased Kashi Honey Sunshine my boys said they didn't like it (just from looking at the box). Now that they have trieed it, they love it.

For me this is a great snack mid day at work, to give you that little boost to get you through the 3:00 stretch. Didn't love it with milk, but pop a few in a yogurt and it gives you a added crunch, without the sogginess.

I got a free sample of the Oat Flakes with Wild Blueberry Clusters. I really liked it and did go to the store to buy a full size box. It will definately be on my grocery list from now on.

My BF LOVES this cereal! We usually buy it when it's on sale (cereal in general is so expensive!) and he's always jazzed when Kashi goes on sale. This is probably his favorite flavor, but most of the others are tasty, too. My favorite is Island Vanilla (more like shredded wheat texture.)

I really love this cereal. It has a naturally sweet flavor unlike most cereals on the market that either taste like cardboard or candy in a bowl of milk! It also seemed to hold the crunch factor longer than most other cereals. I've never had Kashi before but now I'm SOLD!!!