Avon Feelin' Fresh Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Avon Feelin' Fresh Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

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I think it is fairly good but there are better, my dear

Goes on sticky The price is good. I felt like it went on sticky. For me, it did not work, I felt like I had to keep re applying it every hour or I was going to start smelling funky.

Goes on sticky and leaves a weird feeling. After trying it a couple of times I tossed it.

Do not like this at all. Goes on weird and only seems to last a couple hours

Loved the smell of this stuff. Didn't work well for me. Affordable. Wouldn't buy again cause just didn't keep me smelling fresh.

It's an okay deodorant... It has a great price but it just doesn't work too well for me. Maybe it could work for someone else.

Price is good. I don't like this deodorant I don't feel fresh all day. Goes on sticky

it great and last me a while all day. I'm amazed by this.

I am not a huge fan of the deodorant only because it is a roll on. I prefer the solid deodorants better. Whenever I put the roll on it just feels icky and it leaves a stain.

Not a fan.

i have been selling avon for the past 4yrs and this is my number one seller.

This is the best deodorant in my book! Love the smell and it keeps me fresh all day long!

Love this deoderant at well I used to only Ban now I am a Avon deoderant user

Very yummy and fresh! Keeps me dry all day and smelling fresh all day as well. =)

I love this deodorant. I was constantly changing deodorants because they didn't work for me in the Georgia heat or irritated my underarm skin. I purchased one of the Feelin' Fresh roll-ons from Avon, and was pretty impressed. The ingredients are at the same concentration as the clinical versions of Dove, Degree, and Secret on the market but it is only $0.99. It dries quickly so I don't worry about white marks on my shirts. The scent is barely noticeable as well, even if you are really sweating, like after a workout. It doesn't irritate my underarms, even after shaving. My only gripe is that this doesn't come in a solid. Otherwise, for the price and effectiveness, this antiperspirant/deodorant is a steal.