Coraline Movie

Coraline Movie

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The movie was good! I think that kids might enjoy it more then adults!

Very cute movie. I always thought it might be a tad morbid for children but my daughter who was 4 the first time she saw it absolutely loved it. No nightmares or fears or anything like I thought she may have. She still loves it at 7 years old. It is a bit creepy for those with children who are frightened easily!

If you love Tim Burton, you will not be disappointed. This movie is equally cute, fun, and creepy all rolled into one in true Burton style. I like the storyline of how a little girl finds the "perfect" mother in an alternate universe only to discover that things are not always as they seem. I give it a 3 star however because there are some parts that I did find a bit inappropriate for the younger audience. My crowd falls in the 0-6 year old range. And while they do like the movie, I feel that it is better suited for the closer to 9-10 year range.

great movie - my younger granddaughter loves this move, the story line is great and there is just enough scary in this movie to make it fun!

I absolutely love Tim Burton movies. His movies are like PG horror movies. My son has to watch this every night before bed.

Tim Burton is a genius!! This movie is weird, but I absolutely love it!! And clay-mation is one of the coolest things. If you like any of Tim Burton's movies, then watch this, because it was rad!

my daughter amd I absolutely love coraline!!

Cute and bizarre, I like the woman that dresses her dog as angels when they get old and ready to die.

My 3 and 2 yr old loved this movie. It was cute for kids, and interesting enough for parents!

scared my daughter it was a bit creepy..liked the animations tho

I didn't care for this movie. I thought it was creepy.

Coraline is a great animation. One of the best that I have seen lately?The story is very interesting and the way in which it is visually presented is quite stunning! It is a play of creativity and imagination presenting a dark and strange parallel to our universe world where the main character is trapped, as usually, due to being too curious? Even the critics from rotten tomatoes gave it 90% which means a lot since they are quite stingy with the grades?

My daughter loved this movie. I thought it was a little on the dark side. Overall good movie.

I wasn't a fan of the movie.

This movie was very creepy, but the entire family really enjoyed it! As you know most of Tim Burton's movies are a little weird, so be prepared! But the graphics and story line were really awesome!