Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara

Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara

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The waterproof version is amazing as well. People may balk at the price, but when you think about how many mascaras you may try that don't work well so you end up using again, the cost of the Definicils doesn't seem that bad. It gives you the same amazing lashes time and time again without flaking, smuding, or running. Other brands keep cranking out new mascara after mascara - if their products worked as well as this did, they wouldn't have to!

This is one of the best mascaras I've ever used. It produces excellent length and volume and doesn't flake or smudge. I've found it difficult over the years to find a product that compares to this one. I tend to prefer the deluxe sizes so the product doesn't get dry as I have found in the larger tubes it can get dry and needs attention. However, that is easily resolved or do as I do, use the deluxe sized tubes. Lancome has a wide array of mascaras and this is truly one of the original and one of the best. I also appreciate that the product holds the lash curl and never looks clumpy even if you apply multiple coats of the product.

Amazing I love this mascara it holds a curl gives great volume and isn't clumpy.

One of my favorites! I love this mascara. It is definitely in my top three mascaras that I switch between using throughout the week. It makes my lashes look so long and never clumps. It is a little sticky until it is completely dry, so be careful not to blink too hard for a minute. That's the best way to avoid smudging. This is a great one to work the wand slightly right to left as you bring it up to separate each lash. I also recommend using the Cils Booster XL primer before using it.

Pleasantly surprised. Was not too thick and not runny. Great color , would reccomend

one of my go to mascara products

Best Mascara so far Tried tons of mascara's, this one is by far the best. The white primer makes it even better and make lashes look super long, but don't really have the money to keep stock in the eyelash primer

I have been using this mascara for the past seven to eight years in deep black and I have yet to find a better mascara. It does a great at defining and separating my lashes without ever looking clumpy.

This is the only mascara I use. It is worth the price, I tried buying cheaper otc brands and they dried out so quickly I found I was spending the same amount of money anyway.

a die hard definicils fan!! tried lots of drugstore brands and there is a reason this costs works!!! it's wonderful, not clumpy or thick, goes on even and separates lashes and doesn't flake and i really like the smaller straight brush, so much easier to manuever. i always come back to this one, so why do i keep trying others?! :) the reason this one has been around so long and hasn't changed is because they found a formula that works and don't keep messing with it. thanks lancome

This is one of the best high end mascaras I've ever tried! I'm a die hard Rimmel fan (who can beat .50 a tube on sale/with coupon for great mascara??) but when I tried several samples of the Lancome mascara, I could finally see WHY people pay this for mascara. No kidding, this stuff is dependable and fabulous! You know right out of the tube, that any Lancome mascara you use is going to look great. There is no clumping, no dots of transferred mascara on your upper or lower eyes, and you aren't going to look like someone punched you in the face by Noon. This stuff is as reliable and dependable as they come!

great lengths from a great mascara My most favorite mascara! It lengthens and gives definition to your lashes- I think it works best with the Cils Booster. Amazing quality and well worth the price!

my FAVORITE mascara!! gives volume and length without the spidery effect!

This is the best mascara ever! The formula is non-flaky and the secret is in the brush - it gets every lash - no clumping! I even noticed that less ends up on my eyelids. Gladly pay the price.

This is the best mascara ever made. Last year I decided it was too expensive so I tried several drugstore brands. None of them even came close. I realized I had wasted as much money on the drugstore brands as I would have if I had just gone with the sure thing. I will not switch again.