Julie & Julia Movie

Julie & Julia Movie

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I LOVE this movie. The first time I watched it I was entranced with delight. i love to bake, so when I'm in the kitchen I put on this movie and feel just like Julia Child. She helps me remember that I don't have to be perfect at cooking or baking, but with a big enough desire to succeed you will. I fall in love with the food shots and culinary adventures. I love that a blogger took on the creative task of completing ever recipe in Julia's cookbook, which turned into major exposure and fame.

I found this movie to be a bit boring. It follows a woman trying to make Julia Child's recipes and Juila Child's early life. It was well written but I guess just not my cup of tea.

Cute movie!

just loved it made me want to cook everything

Great Movie

We just watched this movie again the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it again. I really didn't know too much about Julia Child so I liked learning more about her. I liked her joy of life and I liked the fact that this was based on two true stories. They intertwined them really well.

I thought this movie had some really cute little "real" moments that we could all relate to. I admit that I'm a Food Network junkie of sorts so this was a movie that I enjoyed.

A fun and enjoyable movie that Alot of us can relate to . The love for cooking abd creating. I love the trasnsission btwn the timelines . It's a really enjoyable movie.

I loved this movie it told me so much about Julia we never really knew.

I love this movie. I love Meryl Streep as Julia Child, I love the Julia and Paul love story and romance. This is a feel good movie that is not so girly that you have to be ashamed to watch it. My husband likes this movie too because he loves food and cooking!

I thoroughly enjoyed one half of the movie, and really disliked the other half. Meryl Streep was marvelous, and Julie Child is effervescent, human, and spirited. Julia, however, is constantly whining and griping her way through the film. The best part is that it inspired me to pick up the real Julia Child's book, My Life in France, which was a total pleasure.

Really good Chick Flick.....my husband couldnt make it through. I really love cooking so this movie was right up my alley and Amy Adams is a sweet heart!

Great movie, I really enjoyed it. Meryl Streep did a great job portraying Julia Child.

Good movie! Liked it a lot. However.......... It Has the "F***" word in it and speaks of Hot Cannoli being like a "Hot Cock in your hand" and a few other things, so I would NOT recommend it for children to see. But it's based on two true stories, and it was a good movie.

I really loved this movie, I am not sure what it was about it but I felt connected to the charcters, I really enoyed it!