Swiffer  Dust & Shine Furniture Spray

Swiffer Dust & Shine Furniture Spray

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Swiffer Dust & Shine does a great job on my mahogany coffee tables and other furniture, and I really like the smell. Great outcome.

I like the smell and it works well. My daughter says it smells bad though.

Ever since this product came out, it is all I buy for dusting. It works great on my wood furniture and the scent I buy (Lavender Vanilla and Comfort) smells lovely. I've found that not only does this product cost less than what I was spending on the other furniture polish I was using, but it also works better. I have 1 cat and 1 dog so hair does accumulate on my furniture often, but with this product I don't have to dust as often as I did with the other I was using. Great product here!

i have my grandmothers dining room set. this produst is great there isn't any build up, smells wonderful and reaaly restores the shine.

I love this spray! It works great, smells great. It cleans my stainless stell sink great. One downturn is that if you use to much at one time it smells too much.

i have always used pledge but when this came out i waited for it to go on sale and bought a couple i have used both scents and love the smell of each one way better than the pledge i use a lot of febreze air fresheners so its nice to be able to match my cleaning products to the scents i use already to avoid a funky mixture of smells in the air

Smells great and can be used on my countertops and for dusting wood furniture.

Best ever !!

Works great on glass and smells good.

I really do like the Swiffer Dust & Shine. And the scent is so nice..


Great product.

Works great on many different surfaces! Smells fresh and easy to use.

Works amazing!

Great product that works well on every object I need to dust.