Wubbanub Pacifiers

Wubbanub Pacifiers

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Love/hate for our little guy This was a love/hate with my little guy. He enjoyed the pacifier, but, he didn't really like the animal connected with it because when he would try to sleep it was always getting in his way or he would accidently pull it out and then get upset. The options for animals you can choose from are very cute and I liked the idea of not losing the pacifier easily.

These are useful! I love all of the cute animals that you can choose from! These were great for my son once he got old enough to hold onto things. They were a little too heavy when he was a newborn. It's great that the pacifier doesn't get lost in the carseat or any other nook and cranny that small things fall into! My personal favorite is the giraffe.

i think the paci would suffice without the stuffed toy. babies are different so it wouldnt hurt to try the product with your little one

Received the giraffe as a gift. I wasn't sure if baby would like the soothie again as he had moved on to Nuk, he absolutely adores snuggling with it and can put paci back in his mouth himself.

My children hated them. But I like the concept.

These are my niece's absolute favorite pacifiers. She loves cuddling them and never has trouble finding it when it falls out of her mouth.

I love the Wubbanub pacifier - it is absolutely genius!!! When babies are young the weight of the little animal helps to keep the paci from continuously falling out of their mouths as they are falling asleep, and as they get older, the animal makes it easier for them to grab and hold onto. My daughter is only 5months old and she can find the Wubbanub when it is lying next to her in her crib and in a short amount of time actually get the paci in her mouth. It is so nice not to have to get out of bed to help her find the paci all the time!! Plus they are super cute!! Well worth the money! I always buy them for shower gifts because they are so great!

Love, but I wish you could remove the pacifier some how so the pacifier and the animal could be washed. Great concept, but a little tweak is needed!

I give it stars simply because my son didn't really care for the pacifier. It is a cute idea and I purchased several. We switched to NUK Genius pacifiers when he was about a month old because the Soothie shape just wasn't for him. He is a breastfed baby and I have noticed that my friend's babies like these, and they are bottle fed.

Fantastic product. My son is about four months old but this is the only pacifier he wants. I just wish they made it with the soothie for 3+ months. It is his favorite toy!

I think this would be great for my son. He loves his pacifier while cuddling with his bear. This would be good cause it would be easier for him. Thanks for sharing, where can i find one?

That is too cute!

I love this! I have been looking for one for my baby and she loves to hold her blanket so this will work for her.Thank you!

I think this is the cutest and cuddly pacifier made fir babies/toddlers. It's a pacifier with a lightweight "lovie" animal connected to it. There are many different animals to choose from and the pacifiers used are name brand and well known. The animal connected to pacifier is very light weight and you can throw it into the wash if it gets dirty. It's also a comfort "toy" when the child doesn't want to suck on the pacifier.