Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Blackest Black

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Blackest Black

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didnt like it. clumps really easily

They give the spider lash effect. They clump the lashes together which doesn't look good.

To messy and really does nothing for me.. after a few hours i have racoon eyes! will not buy again and wont recommend.

I bought this mascara after I saw a revie on the today show saying that it was voted number 1 mascara. I used it once and thought I would never try this again and didn't understand why it would get such high reviews. I didn't make my lashes longer, darker , thicker nothing.

Ugh, the formula of this is so gross. It wears off within half an hour and it's really clumpy. Hate this.

This product did nothing for me. I just like the packaging.

This brush is a bit too smalll, and it didnt preform as it said it would on package

The formula for this mascara was too wet and the applicator didn't do much either. It acts more as a lash tint, adding darker pigements to your lashes. There are better mascaras on the market.

i bought this once but never again! it felt gross taking it off and it didnt give my eyelashes much volume

First Mascara I ever used...not the best...too clumpy.

I had a ton of problems with clumping. Not worth the hassle

I really don't like this mascara!! My mom always used it when I was growing up so when I was older I decided to try it for myself! All it did was a add a little tint of color to my lashes, nothing more.

I am disappointed in this product. It smudged and smeared. I will go back to Revlon.

Ugh! I hated this mascara from the moment I applied to my lashes. It was soo messy! Like no kidding. It was very clumpy and didn't dry quickly as I hoped hence it made a mess of smears and flakes. It was horrible! I never understand why this mascara is popular even to this day. It was a most disgusting mascara I ever had! I guess it depends on each and every one of us.

I am sorry to say, I do not like this mascara at all. I know I am probably the only person who feels this way, after all, it is the top selling mascara of all time. My reasoning is simple. For me, this product did nothing. My lashes wee not longer, thicker, culirer, or darker. I though, maybe I had a bad tube, so I tried another ..then another hoping the third time would be the charm, but such luck. Sorry, Maybelline. I can not say your Great Lash is great.