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  • mrobin77 By  mrobin77    


    HILARIOUS adult cartoon. If you love crude comedy....this is a must watch. Guaranteed laughs!!

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  • cdonae By  cdonae    

    show is funny, keeps me laughing. one of my favorite shows to watch after a long day.

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  • EllenKiisk By  EllenKiisk    

    I live to watch this show, It' s not for children ofcourse but for adults, it's priceless, love it

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  • Jettmae By  Jettmae    

    Good adult comedy cartoon,however, it can be borderline offensive at times.

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  • missy0311 By  missy0311    

    I've watched every Family Guy episode more than once and I haven't gotten through one without laughing. The show does joke about some controversial topics but sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves. I can't find another cartoon comedy that comes even close to being as good as Family Guy.

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  • kristen_b By  kristen_b    

    This show is horrible...I cannot believe the things they say on prime time television and get away with it.

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  • fabyzoe By  fabyzoe    

    Great adult comedy. Some find this offensive, but I'm a fan of the extremely dark humor. I can't get enough of it.

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  • carey321 By  carey321    


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  • prj1996 By  prj1996    

    Family guy is one of my favorite tv shows. This show is NOT meant for children, they even say that. This. Show is for adults and a mature audience. I love the cruel humor and the sarcasic references.

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  • emilycoker29 By  emilycoker29    

    Not necessarily the perfect animation for kids but I love it, good humor for adults and a break from your reality tv

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  • Krissy78 By  Krissy78    

    It's one of the funniest animated shows.

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  • lovelyprincess By  lovelyprincess    

    I rather watch the Simpsons

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  • cupidbaby0311 By  cupidbaby0311    

    Personally one of my favorite shows. I love that they really push the limits and don't limit who they make fun of. Yes, sometimes the bits get annoying and drawn out. But I just love lil Stewie!

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  • Lv2Read By  Lv2Read    

    I've been watching Family Guy for years, & I really like it. There are some moments that make me cringe, but overall it's very funny. Brian is my favorite.

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  • miamania By  miamania    

    Love this show. I want a baby Stewie.

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