Apple iPod Shuffle

Apple iPod Shuffle

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The shuffle holds very little data compared to its counterparts. The only time I ever use mine is while running yet I have found that it is not durable enough to withstand effects of weather, sweat and sun. I have had mine replaced by apple twice now under the warrantee and remain unsatisfied, just waiting for the replacement to break.... By contrast I love my full size ipod...but use is for a very different purpose...

i was so in love with my 2nd generation shuffle clip until it broke on me, not like i wasn't satisfied that it lasted for 3 years. I am just disappointed that they weren't bringing back the old colors. my shuffle was apple green 1gb. the 2gb doesn't promise this color. I will not be buying anything from apple for a while. i opt for a cheaper mp3 player which is more effective and has a display screen and almost as small as the shuffle. the Sansa. can't go wrong.

It is super cute with the different colors and it is really easy to use. I got my 9 year old sister one too and she is in love with it, she never leaves it anywhere.

Super Cute, affordable and great for gym time!!! love it!!

Really like the Ipod Shuffle. It is in my price range and just what I need for my workouts. It is small enough to put in a pocket or even on an arm band.

Small enough so it doesn't get in the way when working out. Holds just enough music to give a good variety.

I really enjoy my iPod, it is really great for going for a run or going for a motorcycle ride. It is so easy to navigate and holds so many songs that you never get bored! I've had mine for a few years and I took it everywhere until my mother-in-law actually wanted to use it for working out.

Salve a tutte! L'ho appena vinto ad una lotteria (Kingolotto, docet!): č, perņ, la versione da 1GB, molto piccolo e portabilissimo. Il colore č quello classico argenteo.

very small and good as an mp3 player never had a complaint and mine is still going. Looks like a piece of very expensive gum lol

great for a run or the gym . very enjoyable.