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Latisse Eyelash

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i really would love to have this product i heard it was great and that it really work i would must likely use it everyday if i had it

Me too! My lashes are so short I have tried fake eyelashes and OTC products but nothing seems to work. I would love to try this product but it is too expensive.

I am going through menopause and have suddenly lost the volume and length in my eyelashes. I had thought about trying Latisse for a while-am soooo glad i have. After just one month I see a hugh difference in my lashes and a secret I have tried is on occasion I will run the applicator over my eyebrows where they have become sparse from yet again-menopause. The look of my eyes has taken on a whole new expression, I can go out without mascara and never need a black eyeliner because it darkens the upper lid and for me being super sensitive it looks like I am wearing liner too. Latisse had given me THREE different looks that I have been missing for a long time. I look more awake and the lashes and brows are growing in nicely~~

Since I've been using Latisse, I Know that it's one of those products that I wont be able to live without! My lashes are much longer (been using since Feb) and getting fuller. I even go out without mascara sometimes!!

I never really put much thought into my eyelashes until a co-worker started using a similar product and i saw the outcome. I decided i wanted beautiful eyelashes that require much less mascara. After a month of using it i noticed a very big difference! I've been using it since with no side effects and i love the look of my lashes. I can't live without it now and i'd highly recommend it!

I got a free one year prescription for Latisse and I must say I absolutely loved the results. The one thing I didn't like was a side effect that could change your eye color if you have light colored eyes. I have green eyes but I made sure to be as careful as possible to not get it in my eye. After my subscription ran out I didn't buy more. But it works, if you have the money to buy as needed. Another side effect was it may leave a dark brown mark where applied. I did not experience that. I wear eyeliner anyway all the time so I wouldn't think that would bother me if it occurred anyway.

I was truly looking forward to using this product. I have few eyelashes and have been investigating eyelash transplant surgery when my eye doc suggested this as an alternative. after trying it out am thinking after spending 120 a month for several months may just have to go with surgery

I have always suffered from having lack of lashes...and this product was a god sent. the only problems i have with this is that its so expensive! the price of beauty is so painful!!!! i recently purchased/tried out a new cheaper product called lash&brow growth. i think that is what it's called. pretty promising. my lashes are thicker that's for sure, but not much longer. the only way i know its slightly longer is that they brush up against the lens of my glasses, and that, i was never able to do with my weak, sad excuse of lashes before... :)

I have never tried this product but I do think it would be very beneficial to me. I would love to try this stuff but the price is a bit of a let down.

reallyyy want to try becuase of my short eyelashes but pretty pricey..

Always wanted to try this...will talk to my doctor about a px.

SAVE YOUR EYES have good sense Don't do this !!! I did and I TOTALLY regret it. I had it done in a fancy spa in Orange Count for a small fortune. It burned and even though was somewhat effective was NOT worth the risk. I have since had eyelash extensions done and I recommend THAT for a special event or a couple of months. Better all around and they can look very real.