Almay One Coat Nourishing Mascara Thickening

Almay One Coat Nourishing Mascara Thickening

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I have had not-good-luck with almost every Almay product. I can't even explain it other than my face seems to 'eat it'! Even with a primer. The mascaras all annoyed my eyes or just flaked off. I couldn't get a smooth even application w/o clumps, on any mascara. ( bought a lot of different Almay products when Walgreens ran a sale) It was disappointing because when I was a teen they had such a good reputation! Now it seems the stuff is cheap.

Not bad...... But as the time went on it weighed heavy on my lashes and flaked!

I usually have very few eyelashes and have tried to make them grow. Nothing has been as helpful as this has been. This mascara actually makes you grow lashes. It offers protection, and makes your eyelashes darker as you use it. I use one coat per day and its easy to wash off but won't run if you cry or get caught in a rain shower. I am very impressed with this product.

i love this product. used high dollar until i lost my job, so i bought this and its as good or better than what i was using.

Almay would be my favorite mascara because I have short eyelashes and the mascara just adds length. And the eyeliner is long lasting.

I have tried all kinds of other mascaras - bested rated and all price ranges. I always come back to this Almay. I use the waterproof and take it off with Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads. Like all other mascaras, however, I like it best when I've used the tube for a while - better coverage.

I have tried 30 different mascaras. Because of my active lifestyle, they all end up running down my face, or creating big black splotches under my eyes. Almay One Coat Waterproof mascara is the ONLY mascara that can stand up to running, swimming, biking...all without coming off. Yet at night, I wash my face with cleanser, and it comes right off. LOVE this mascara!

Luxurious Lashes This mascara will give your lashes definition, add extra volume, and lengthen! It does not clump either! I love how I can really create the way I want my lashes to look!