Movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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I am a big fan of the books as well. It appears as though I am the only one that did not like how it varied from the book so much. It is by far my least favorite movie. My kids liked it but amazingly have not asked me to buy them the dvd yet, perhaps they know how much I did not like it...

I liked the movie in that I love the actors and the story but I was disappointed that the ending left out a few things like how bill became a werewolf, the ending fight scene in general, and dumbledore's funeral. I know movie adaptations are never exact replicas of the books but I felt those details were important for people to know going into the final movies, especially for those who hadn't read the books.

I love the Harry Potter movies, but I realized that this movie left out some major details. They didn't even show that Bill turned into a werewolf. The actors were great, and it made me want to watch the rest of the movies. Overall, it was pretty decent.

I love the Harry Potter series both book and movie. This was a good movie but if you haven't read the book, you need to. It leaves out some plot points that set up scenes in the later books. Not a big thing because the later movies don't need them but it does make it better to know them.

I am not really a fan but my husband has enjoyed these

note to everyone dont read the book then go and see the movie a few days later.... It almost ruined it for me. I was disappointed they didnt show the funeral. I thought that was kind of important. These kids are really showing ranges of emotion now. I cant wait to see Deathy Hollows....

I like the Harry Potter series of films. This one however, left me wanting to know more about some of the characters. Also, there was no real ending. Does this mean there is a possibility of spin offs of some sort. We were left hanging about Voldermort and the end of the movie. It was also too scary for small children under 9

The books are way better, but the movie was a good attempt.

My mother and I are fans of the movies but we were let down by the ending and the fact that Voldemort never showed up. In all the other movies he was shown at one point or another. I understand they were trying to leave it to go into the next movie but it was just such an abrupt end.

I am absolutely in love with all things Potter, but this wasn't my favorite movie in the series.. Like a lot of people have said there are a lot of details left out. But, for what they have in it the movie was great! Also this movie was my first date with my hubby.

I thought it was a good movie, the films are definitley maturing with the characters. Would recommed it.

I'm a big HP fan, but this movie was long, felt slow at times, and if you really sit back and look at it, there were parts that took between 3 and 5 chapters in the book that got only 2 minutes of air time, while the spider got a funeral. It was enjoyable, but I think they dropped the ball a little on this one.

Great movie. As with the entire series, they left out great plot points from the book. I love the actors though, they did a good job choosing them!

i wasn't too much of a fan for the Movie as I was a bigger fan for the book. as someone pointed out, there were parts missing. I just felt the movie moved too fast...

i love harry potter but half blood prince was ok but you learned alot about harrys past