Movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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The movie follows the book pretty well. There were a few details left out of the movie though. I agree this movie was better than the last (Order of the Phoenix) but then again I liked this book better too.

i love harry potter but half blood prince was ok but you learned alot about harrys past

I love all the Harry Potter Movies, they are a joy for the whole Family!

Love all the Harry Potter movies and books! This one didn't let me down!

Love this movie and book. It is not a light as the first couple and I would not let small children watch it but I loved it. This series is great, they really do the books justice.

both myself and my son loves Harry Potter series. I wish to see this movie. I heard it's the best series.

I am a huge Harry Potter fan I watch the first Harry Potter almost every night when I go to bed. My husband will confirm that.

Awesome, I don't think its my favorite of the series though

I love the Harry Potter series but this one did leave a lot out and changed things a bit. Overall it was a superb movie. It made me want more.

The film appeals to all ages and although long (2 hours) moves along fairly well. It touches upon real age appropriate topics (boy likes girl, girl likes someone else?) with the fantasy based underlying storyline. Truly a great summer film option and not just a "popcorn" flick! This is a brilliant work of cinema, which also happens to be very commercial. Half-Blood Prince is better than the last film and a return to the magic of the first.


I thought the movie was good, fast moving which for 2 and 1/2 hours - is a good thing! As with all movies that originate from a book - the book is always better! Try a matinee ? may be less expensive. We paid only $5.25.

I loved this movie. It was amazin. I can't wait for deathly hallows! love all Harry Potter

BEST HARRY POTTER MOVIE YET! I loved it. definetly a nail biter!

Loved this movie. It did leave a lot out that was in the book, but if it hadn't the movie would have been ten hours long (not that I'd complain!!!!). I really enjoyed this movie.