Benefiber Fiber Drink Mix Flavored Stick Packs

Benefiber Fiber Drink Mix Flavored Stick Packs

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The pink lemonade isn't too bad, but all the flavors I have tried leaves a horrible aftertaste. The Iced Tea is the worst. It does add your extra fiber if you can stomach it, but remember, anytime you add extra fiber, you will have around a week of excess gas, cramping and extra stinky trips to the bathroom.

The Kiwi Strawberry has good flavor and dissolves very quickly in a bottle of water.

I really like the new pink lemonade Benefiber. I think it tastes great and is easy to add to water anytime anywhere

Benefiber clear choice is great for adding to all foods, smoothies, etc. Now they have wonderful flavorful stick packs to carry to add to water for more fiber. We all need more water and more fiber to be healthy, this is a way to help. I have the Kiwi Strawberry and it is not powder tasting, it dissolves quickly, not overly sweet, but pleasant taste. I want to try other flavors. It is costly, so watch for sale prices. I have been recommending this to my friends and family.