Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion Spf 15

Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion Spf 15

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Too greasy for me My mother swears by this stuff. But for me it's too heavy and greasy.

I like this product as this is light, non greasy and has beautiful smell. I used to use this when I was in the Southern part of the country but after moving to NorthWest I no longer use it as this place is tend to be colder most months of the year which makes my skin dry n this doesn't work at all. But over all lovely product.

Not the best product in the world, but not the worst. I'm kind of indifferent about this product. I personally feel like it's heavy and I don't like the lotiony feel of it on my face, but it does moisturize my skin to an extent. However, I won't be buying it again. I'd rather stick with Simple.

I love this product! Ive been using this product since i was 18! Love the way it makes my sking feel, and i also love the smell!

The SPF is too mild for Vegas summers. Generally, it's a good moisturizer but I use a moisturizer with a stronger sunscreen i.e. Neutrogena.

This moisturizer is great for sensitive skin, however, it does not fully moisturize my dry spots. I feel that it's a bit too thin for my skin care needs.

very important to wear sun protection daily

I love this moisturiser.

I really like this moisturizer, but I feel the need to use something a little heavier once in a while as my skin does get dry occasionally while using this. It seems though it is too light sometimes for me. I know that is all due to my skin type and not the product. All in all it's a great product for every day use.

Its a great moisturizer and have been using it for a while now. It does tend to get oilier (especially in the summer) since I have oily skin but I still love it. Leaves my skin very soft and moisturized. My mother is a fan of all things Olay too!

Great item I use this under my make up and it is not greasy. It also protects my skin from UV rays with an spf of 15. I have combination skin and I apply it all over. I recommend this product .

several months ago i was accomedeted this from one of my girlfriend. It chaned indeed

I Love Olay and have been using it for years. this is an awesome moisturizer and the best one for my skin. I have very dry skin so Olay keeps it smooth and gives me a light glow.

I give other brands a try occasionally but none compare to this classic. Used it for at least 10 years now and have not found anything else that is the same creamy consistency that absorbs well without being greasy. no overwhelming scent. Feel protected from the sun all day long thanks to spf. great for winter and summer. I won't be trying new things anymore

I have sensitive skin and Oil of Olay works for me. I tried to use a store brand to save a couple bucks, but it made my face breakout in a nasty rash. I switched back to Olay and my skin cleared up. I won't use anything else now.