Olay Body Wash Plus Spa Exfoliating Ribbons

Olay Body Wash Plus Spa Exfoliating Ribbons

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This product has micro beads in it which turn out to be little bits of plastic. These bits of plastic do not break down in water, they stick to your shower and tub. I tried using this as a shave gel and the "beads" get caught in the blades and scratch my legs. My bathtub and louffa are now covered in blue dots.

I liked the feel of this product but I really hated what it did to my bath tub. I used this when I was living in my apartment and the water was hard. I'm not sure if the hard water was the issue or the fact that this stuff leaves a nasty residue in every tub. In between normal bath tub cleanings I would have to scrub the bottom of my shower because this was leaving a nasty filmy residue. I purchased three bottles because this product was on sale, needless to say I stopped using after about half a bottle.

I felt very greasy heavy feeling after my shower. Does not work well when shaving in shower. Also the micro beads did absolutely nothing. Sorry.

I like this body was, but only in the shower (as the beads do not dissolve). It is extremely nourishing, leaving my skin feeling silky smooth AND clean! I love the ribbons throughout, but I wish the beads dissolved.

Smells good but I hate the beads. leaves a filmy residue.

Maybe it's me, but no. At least not on "sensitive" areas. Creamy soaps aren't the best idea.

Great product and I love the scents

This ia great smelling exfoliator, you just have to rinse the shower after use as the beads can leave a filmy residue.

I love this product and never had a problem with the beads at all.I love the smell and how it leaves my skin feeling so soft and gentle scented.How ever not a good use for shaving legs.Just make sure you rinse thoroughly as with any soap product.

This works great getting rid of dead skin cells but I have found you must really rinse well. I used it one night and found some little beads on my nightie the next day so make sure you rinse it all off. I would definitelt say this is a shower product and not for in the tub.

Doesn't leave nasty residue. Feels nice when used. Smells nice.

Great product.

I love this product the micro beads make my skin oh so soft and touchable. It has its own unique smell like you just came back from a spa. i myself will keep on buying this product.

tried once and found it great

This is a great product. I love the scent and it leaves your skin feeling soft.