Movie The Proposal

Movie The Proposal

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The plot was a little odd. For Sandra Bullock, I found this movie to be a little flat. She definitely has done better. Disappointed.

Loved this movie!!! Sandra Bullock does awesome, entertaining girl movies. Go see it.

Very funny, great cast!

This was a fun cheesy chick flick. My husband would never go for this kind of movie but I find them fun on days when I'm feeling really girly.

This was a cute movie and worth watching but the plot was pretty predictable and I don't think Sandra Bullock's character was particularly likable. Best part was Betty White. As usual she stole the show.

This was a cute movie but not one of Sandra's best.

It wasn't one of Sandra Bullock's best movies but it was still a good movie with a funny plot line.

The Proposal is a romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. The main premise is about how an uptight woman executive bribes her career oriented executive assistant to marry her so she is not deported. Yes, it does have some predictable moments. But, my goodness I laughed so hard I thought I was going to wet my pants. It had been a tough work week and this movie is what I needed - A light comedy, with romance and laughter. I do think the trailers give away too much. I will buy this movie when it comes out on video.

A funny date night movie.

It's a good movie. I mean, yes it's a chick flick, but I think this movie is better than that. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it seemed to be better than your average chick flick.

Saw this on DVD the other night. Cute movie. I like so many of the actors in it. I really loved Sandra Bullocks wardrobe.

Just watched this last night. Thought it was really funny. Like the others said, I laughed throughout the whole movie. Going to buy it on DVD for my mom. She'll love it.

Very cute. Loved the family interaction and Betty White in the woods. Predictable but enjoyable. A good movie for everyone without sex, violence and language.

Really cute movie! Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds were hilarious together! Great date movie! My husband and I both really enjoyed it.

Awesome movie, predictable yes but very good otherwise!