Cuisinart Automatic Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart Automatic Ice Cream Maker

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I love this ice cream maker. It is so easy to use and can make homemade ice cream in an instant. I can add whatever items I want and make whatever flavor I want. Takes easy to use ingredients you can find your local grocery store with little to no effort. My families loves all the ice cream and my kids love the different things I can add into it. Highly recommend this maker.

Ice Cream for Everyone! I received this ice cream maker as a Christmas gift and wow what a great gift. Makes great ice cream and is very easy to use. I get rave reviews from all who try the ice cream - who could ask for anything more. Plus, its fun to come up with new creations and try out different recipes. Great gift to give and receive.

one of my fav kitchen devices. easy to make ice cream! way easier than the priduct my gma used to use back in the day and way less time!

The Cuisinart ICE-20 Ice Cream Maker is something that my Husband had bought before we got married. When unpacking the many boxes marked "kitchen" upon arriving to our new place, I was excited to find that we had an ice cream (and frozen yogurt!) maker. This is so, so easy to use! We keep the ice bucket in the deep freeze to make sure that it's solidly cold at all times. It is necessary to pre-freeze this bucket in order to get smooth, freezing ice cream out of the ingredients you're putting into the machine. If you don't pre-freeze, your ice cream will not set properly. Plug the machine in, sit the bucket in place, put the beater and plastic cover over the top, lock it all into place, and you're ready to start adding your ingredients! We make up fun and silly flavors in addition to old standbys such as mint chocolate chip, death by chocolate, and cookie dough. The only real con to this machine is the noise! It is incredibly loud due to the high-power motor. Dedicate yourself to listening to the loud whirring of the machine for about half an hour, because the noise drowns out pretty much all other sounds. This makes about a quart and a half of ice cream, and we've found that the best thing to do after scooping the ice cream out of the freezer bowl and into whatever type of container you're going to want to store your ice cream in is to let the ice cream sit in the freezer for a few hours right after making it. That way, it sets properly so you get a nice ice cream texture and flavor and temperature. Otherwise, it can be a bit of a soupy mess right after mixing. We always make sure that we have a clean sink and hot water ready as soon as we've finished scooping the ice cream out of the freezer bowl. Then the freezer bowl goes into the sink, and the hot (near boiling) water is poured over the bowl, beater, and plastic. This makes sure that everything is sanitized and the sugary sweetness isn't sticking to any hidden crevices. Completely dry the freezer bowl, then back into the freezer it goes for next time! This really is a great product. We still enjoy getting ice cream out once in a while, but it's fun to come up with new flavors to make right at home, and our friends all love to come over and try out whatever concoction we've come up with!

I bought this at Costco, for under $30 1 year ago (2012). While its not the most used kitchen appliance, it is so fun to use in the summer with the kids, and they can pretty much dress up any plain recipe to their liking. It comes with a recipe book that has basic and decadent recipes, and while you;re at Costco- because its going to be the best deal- get that heavy whipping cream! Ive even used coconut milk in this. Just don't forget to open her up as soon as you get home and throw the bowl in the freezer! Also, we have eaten the ice cream right out of the freezer bowl, but have found that its better after an hour or two in the icebox. I also came across some pint size freezer jars from Ball that pair really well with this for left overs.

Oh-my-goodness... I bought one just three weeks ago when they had them on sale at Costco. The first recipe I made was plain vanilla icecream. The texture was good but not as creamy as frozen custards. That was the second recipe. Both recipes worked well with the machine and were at soft serve thickness after 20-25 minutes. After sampling, both went into the freezer to solidify just a bit more. From what I hear, you have to do that with even the most expensive makers. I'm looking forward to fresh fruit sorbets this summer. I keep the bowl in the back of the freezer - to make a batch at a moments notice or when that whim for ice cream takes over and I "just HAVE to". Highly recommend the Cuisinart Ice Cream maker.

I love making ice cream, it was so delicious, each spoonful! My kids liked to watch it churn too.

We just got this but I really love it. Easy to use, stylish design, great recipe book with it, and big enough to actually make a decent size batch.

This little machine is so much easier to use than my large ice cream freezer! No ice, salt or mess; just keep the bowl in the freezer and pop it into the machine when you want to make a batch of ice cream. It makes a small batch, just perfect for our family of four. I can even monkey around with the recipes to lower the fat and sugar content and STILL get great ice cream. I'm not a kitchen gadget person, but I sure do enjoy this machine.

I LOVE this! I have only had it about a week now, but have used it 5 times, I bought the snazzy red version. =) It is so easy to use, just pour the ingredients in and let the machine do the churning. No rock salt or ice required. It is very much worth the investment to me because it will be healthier(not to mention preservative free) and cheaper than store-bought ice cream, PLUS I can put anything in that I want to! It makes ice cream, smoothies, sherbet, margaritas.....just about anything that is a frozen liquid. Off to make my strawberry ice cream now!!!

This machine does so much.. Ice cream, gelato, sorbets. I love ice cream but don't like the fat..I use this is make low fat ice creams without all the USI (Unidentifiable spelling ingredients). With the ice cream maker, you control the ingredients. I use a lot of fresh fruits/overripe fruits and make gelatos, sorbets, and keep them in containers in the fridge. My kids too love to make ice cream. During the summer holidays we love to get this machine started for instant ice cream. I store the container in the freezzer all year round so it's always ready to use.

I looooove this machine! Who knew that my favorite cooking would be for ice cream? I love discovering new ice cream, gelato, sorbet, sherbert and yogurt flavors and so far there is only one that I can't seem to make better at home ( mint chocolate chip ). I have added 2 ice cream cook books to my library and the web is full of ideas. My favorites have become the sorbets that I make with fresh in season fruit -- so easy and so good. My only special recommendation would be to use a kitchen towel over the opening when in use to keep the cold from escaping and resulting in a better end result, one of the biggest compaints about this machine is that the end result is too soft and runny -- with the towel I never have this problem.

Would love to try one of these please send me one

I love ice Cream and so do my kids I would love to have one of these it looks like it works really well

This would be a great product to try out!!!