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Love this store I love this store I always find everything I need and it's cheaper then other stores

Good Store For the most part I love this store, But some employees can be pretty rude sometimes.

Favorite big-box store! I was so happy 3 years ago to move back to an area served by Meijer stores. Meijer is a regional chain of superstores. Stores feature groceries on one side with full-service deli, meat counter, and bakery; and general merchandise on the other side with large automotive and hardware departments. Great lawn and garden departments. Very good customer service, too, and the app has loyalty features.

I use the website to view the weekly ads and make my shopping list. It is a good store with lots to choose from.

I really like Meijer! The one in Escanaba, MI has such a good produce aisle and deli. It's also cool that they have a Starbucks in the store too. So you can shop and drink coffee!! I also think that their clothes are super cute. The prices aren't terrible either. It's like a classier Wal-mart! ;)

im not a huge fan of meijer for anything other than groceries.

I shop here several times per week. This is my favorite store where I spend the most money. My only complaint is keeping shelves stocked when items are on sale and go quickly.

One of the places I most missed when I moved from Michigan to New York was Meijer! Though to be fair, New York does have Wegman's, and that store is fabulous, too. I was glad when we recently moved back to Michgan, because I just love Meijer and all of the perks they offer. They have an amazing variety of foods, including ethnic foods, beyond just Mexican and Ramen Noodles, and their prices are fantastic. They often have great deals, such as fresh blueberries at 10/$10 plus a free one when you buy the ten. They usually allow mix and match with these deals, so for $30, I get a great variety of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, plus the three freebies! Thirty-three packages of fruit for $30 is a wonderful deal, and an even better value when you have the freezer space to store some of it for winter. Meijer also has rewards cards that allow customers to clip digital coupons. Simply enter your phone number/rewards number at checkout and the coupons come off of the price without having to carry a coupon book or box along with you while you're shopping. No more forgetting coupons at home! We mostly shop for food at Meijer because the prices and variety and freshness is always excellent. However, their other departments are well stocked and also offer great variety of products. There are cleaning supplies and pet toys that we get exclusively from Meijer. Meijer is always clean, has great customer service, and is very easy to get around. Well-lit, wide aisles, and great products!

Meijer is the true one stop shopping! The quality of their produce and meets are wonderful. Always fresh. Always a competitive price. Great sales and their 10 for 10 get one free sale is the best. Stores are always clean and customer service is pretty darn good considering all the people that come and go daily in that store! I love Meijers and it is my main store for groceries and general merchandise. Been shopping there every since they hit Michigan.

I adore Meijer and was very upset when I moved to Florida and no longer had access to the retail version of this store. Their merchandise is just as great online, although it is a bummer to have to pay for shipping. I prefer their selection and quality of products over the ones that you can find at the other super-retailers. They have a very clean look to their site and the entire interface is very user-friendly. I recommend shopping here if you are looking to place a large order of items for use in the home.

love shopping meijers. I do most of my grocery shopping here, lots of products and varietys. great deals. all in one place shopping.

I was impressed with the chicken, which is the preferred food for my family. I chose the Jumbo Roasted Chicken and the Tender & Savory Chicken. Both made with quality Tyson Chicken and fully cooked. Totally delicious and inexpensive.

the customer service is awful its like just buy the stuff and get out

Love it!!! I spend so much time at Meijer that I often joke around that they should put me on the payroll! Having the website to shop at makes my day all that much easier!

Great produce! You can also get very healthy and fresh food here. The meat department carries good quality cuts of meat. I will continue to shop at meijers. Oh..I almost forgot to mention how great their staff is, very helpful.