Lush Karma Bubble Bar

Lush Karma Bubble Bar

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Lots of Bubbles The citrus scent of this bubble bar makes for a relaxing bath. You can cut this into pieces and fill as much bubble bath as you would like. It's citrus scent smells great and it turns the bath a pretty orange. One of my favorite bubble bars!

I love Lush. This product is no different. From their politics to the finished products, I will forever stand by this company.

LUSH is my favorite store for any Bath, Facial, Lotion products...if you love natural stuff this is your store...and Karma is my all time favorite if you like the smell of Patchouli with hints of lemon and lavendar this is for you...they also have Karma Kreme Lotion omgosh the stuff is amazing for dry should give Lush a try it really is an amazing store

I love Lush. Their stuff is all 'home made' and so i feel like the products have a richer texture. their lip balms work very well..

I have never tried this particular LUSH product but I have found that time and time again LUSH delivers! I know they have actual stores over in the UK, not sure about here but I know there are not any around me so I have to have everything shipped. That is the only con for me!

This thing really makes a bubble bath luxurious! While the bubbles weren't too much to write home about, I did wait until the last seconds of running the water, and only used 1/2 bar, as I'd heard this was enough. Before I put it in, it seemed a little too smelly, but once in the tub, the water became so very smooth and smelled great! Great bath time fun!