OPI Nicole Nail Polish

OPI Nicole Nail Polish

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WAY OVER PRICED CHIPS JUST AS MUCH!! It is all in the top coat- a clear one helps prevent

Hi there! I recently bought my first OPI nail polish, and sadly, was very disappointed. It was extremely thick and went on gloppy. I took it off the one nail that I swatched it on. Did I just get a bag bottle? Do any of you have suggestions or tricks for thinning out an OPI polish? I really do love the color, and hate to throw it out. Thanks for any suggestions! :)

Nicole by OPI is less expensive that regular OPI polish. They have a nice assortment of colors. This line is comparable to the Sinful line that is sold at Walgreens as far as staying power goes. For the money I think you are better off going with Sinful. Or a Sally Hansen polish; you get more staying power with those. The couple of Nicole by OPI polishes that I have used chip off super easily & super quick.....polish can come off in chunks.

i love the opi brand but not this line i dont understand how opi went wrong with this they always have good stuff. i tried the black(which i actually love alot), the silver one, and a metalic brown. I did not like the metalic colors form opi nicole but the black is awsome in color but it is absoultly the hardest nail polish to take off.

Its over priced and takes time to dry. But the brush is thick and the Colors are amazing

I have tried to use many different colors of OPI, and each one looks different on, depending on your skin tone, but I am not a big fan of this color because it seems to chip quickly!

i love opi but the nicole is almost 8 dollars and that is way too much

Not really believing the hype.it didn't last long for me but it may work well for the next person.

Not really sure how OPI and Nicole by OPI are different. This chips just like any other polish..

I have three of these, two are shimmery, and the other is a top coat. I find the polish to be thin. I have to put a few layers on to get a solid color and it's very quick to chip. I definitely have better polishes.

Quality is okay they chip way too fast

I own one Nicole polish by OPI from the Kardashian group and it's called Back to Reality TV..I thought it looked pretty in the bottle but when I wore it, it looked hideous..so I gave it to my daughter. Wouldn't buy anymore of these, as there are other polishes out there that are cheaper and work better.

Applied 3 coats and it still chipped the next day

I like Nicole nail polish because some of the colors are really different and vivid and I've been a longtime fan of OPI. However, I really am not crazy about the way the color paints onto your nail. It seems to go on streaky which never happens with OPI.

I used to love OPI nail polish, but the OPI Nicole brand just doesn't last. It chips entirely too quickly & I don't care for most of the colors.