Twinkle Baby Bonding Doll

Twinkle Baby Bonding Doll

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Twinkle Baby Bonding Doll ( was the answer to my sleepless nights. You sleep with the doll for about 2-3 nights to get your scent on it and then transfer it to baby. I introduced the product (which comes in a variety of colors and fabrics) to my son at 7 months old and he still sleeps with his "Mr. Twinks" (as we've dubbed him) to this day (he's almost 4). The doll totally helped ease his transition to full night sleeps. It was such a good product that we bought two! This way when we travel one goes in the suitcase and one goes in his carry-on. I'm such a fan that this has become my go-to baby shower gift and numerous mom's who've received them rave about them too!