Bounce Lint & Freshness Roller

Bounce Lint & Freshness Roller

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These are great! Leave one in your car so when you need it you have it handy. It also makes the car smell nice.

I love the smell--not great to pick up pet fur.

I love that product, but I don't think it works any better for the stickiness factor. I think it's loads better because it has a nice smell. There is one drawback. Try to find refills without the wand. I am convinced they don't exist. I just want to buy the sticky roll sometimes and not collect useless plastic. No such luck!

I thought this was okay. I like that it's a scented lint roller but I don't think it does much more than a regular roller.

My problem with this lint roller is that I cannot find a refill for it. If I could find that, it would be great.

i bought this product and I like it because it smells so fresh but the way the cap is engineered there is room for air to get it. My husband and i don't have any animals so we use the roller but not as frequently so i feel like it lost its scent very soon after we purchased it.

I think these sheets smell fantastic but I was disappointed with their ability to really pick up pet fur off furniture. They were suitable to remove stray hairs and dust off my suit jacket while I'm working but for the house I would use something with more "stickiness."

I I have one in my car and in my house. Makes clothes lint free and also free from pesty animal hair.

This is one of my favorite lint rollers. I love the scent, and it works wonderfully to remove pet hair from clothes. The only drawback is that I find it difficult to find in stores, and it is quite a bit pricier than comparable lint rollers.

I would love to try these! When my dog sheds this would certainly come in handy!

really good with picking up dog hair

I'm a waitress and we all use these. They are great for quick cleanups and to make your clothes smell fresh as the day wears on.

this product smells good which other brands don't have that feature, and it picks up, hair, little bugs, and lint really well, since finding this lint roller I haven't used a lint brush in many years..

The only thing that sets this apart from other rollers is that its scented, other than it works good but so do lots of others.

I really like this product - it definitely gets all of the lint off of my dark clothes! But sometimes I find that the roller does not pick up smaller pieces of lint.