Bionorica Sinupret for Kids

Bionorica Sinupret for Kids

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This product worked very well for my 3 yr. old. He even liked the taste... he's not picky though.

I loved this product! It's my first time using this syrup. I used it for my 3 year old granddaughter; who was suffering from nasal congestion; even though she did not have any other cold symptoms. When she started coughing and other cough medicines did not work, I gave her some Sinupret. The little bear that they sent me helped her get past the bad taste. The frequency of her coughs finally decreased after a day's usage and her nasal congestion cleared after 3 days. I am so thankful for this product! I especially liked that it is all natural too! I was impressed enough to buy a bottle for each of my grandchildren.

yes it also worked well for my 4 year old son who had been having sinus problems all week. The product worked well.

I love this product. I use it for my 3yr instead of his persciption allergy med. It works just as well without the awful side effects

We didn't think the taste was bad and tasted like honey. But in our house, we would rather take a yucky tasting natural product than an engineered pharma product that can cause damage to other parts of the body. So we mix it with somthing else and go on.

My kids didn't mind the taste and it really seemed to help. We live in one of the worst cities in the US for allergies so the cost is worth it.

The product worked well for my daughter, who suffers from allergies and sinus problems She did not complain about the taste. The price is a little high.

Well, honestly I'm a little nervous given that the US has no regulation on homeopathic care. I'm a big fan of a holistic treatment plan for myself, but when it comes fo my 2 year old, using Wikipedia to look up the ingredients simply doesn't provide enough confidence. Also, while everyone's reviews says their kids' congestion cleared up, I am a little skepitical since nasal congestion usually does clear up in a few days.

Unfortunately I had no luck with this product. The first time I gave it to my daughter she wouldn't try it just because of the color alone. Then I sort of made her take it and she spit it out everywhere. The next time we tried I mixed it with Tylenol (she has a cold) and she smelled it and said no but drank it a little and then threw it doen. She made a funny face and said "I don't like it" I even used the bear as a reward but no dice. I would no personally but this product for my child unless the color and taste were changed. Maybe even packaged differently ad she saw the bottle and wanted nothing to do with it.

Unfortunately, the taste is just really yucky. There's no way he would take this. Also, it is not a well known brand, so I wouldn't give it to my son without checking with my doctor first.

This product worked somewhat well - but the taste is very harsh - my son didn't like it at all - I tried the item myself and could barely stand it.

Is this product for colds, allergies, general nasal health, or all of the above? I couldn't tell from the packaging and on a side note, my child did not like the taste.