Angel Food Ministries Basic Box

Angel Food Ministries Basic Box

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Great food for the price and if we didn't /couldn't use something, we would pass along to someone else. the meat was great. a definite plus in hard economic times just hate they shut down- I miss the boxes we would get

I love Angel Food Ministries. I wish they could have stayed in business. It really helped a lot of people when months are tight. Some who made just bit too much for programs could find some relief using them. Like my mother. She's on disability and FS but she used them all the time. Although it wasn't name brand, they had some really good food. I really liked the holiday boxes. Everything you needed for a great meal.

Yes this is cheap! I purchased it 3 times, thinking maybe it would get better.....I had a problem with the 2nd one, it had zip locked bags of veggies and they were brownish to color...the 3rd one I could have bought more groceries compared to what was in it...def. will never get again!!

I've used this program in the past and LOVED it. It was a great program. And I loved the fact that anyone could use it, rich , poor, etc. Sad that they closed down.

Sadly Angel Food Ministry shut down for good in Sept. 2011

Used Angel Food Ministries several years ago. The selection and price was good but back then you could only get specialty boxes if you purchased the basic package. That is part of the reason I quit. They then changed the policy but I just never went back. However, several weeks ago Angel Food Ministries quit delivering to our areas stating the economy as a problem..this left many families in a bad position. Hope they reconsider this decision.

This is a great program. It is worth whatever you spend.


Wonderful program! I had family members who were able to benefit from Angel food pay a little something i'm thinking 75.00 or so and get lots of food! My family member had steak, corn on cob...potatoes, good food for a fraction of the cost at the grocery store.

Angel food ministries is a great program,I used to take some folks to pick up their orders and got one for myself as well.It is a major help for people with very tight budgets,you place your order,they give you a date to pick up and thats it,If your church or community doesnt have one get one in there!!

What a great program - lots of food (healthy) and ideas to prepare meals for any family. In this economy, very glad to see that this is available for all families!

I also have used Angelfood ministries and have been more than pleased. I am among the working poor that does not qualify for any of the programs out there because of my income, but some months are tight. It is nice to have a program like this that does not have any requirements. I have recommended it to many of my friends and family and they too use it as needed.

hey my granny use to do something like this might be the same church group. I think it is excellent.

Although my family hasnot ordered Angel Food for awhile ,we have bought their food boxes in the past and was very pleased with the variety of food you get for the price, it was very afforadable for the quanity and quality of food you recieve.

I think I will now be looking into Angel Food, thank you!