Red Box DVD Rentals

Red Box DVD Rentals

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Used Red Box for the first time this weekend & really enjoyed how easy it was. Choose a movie, swipe debit card, receive disc - watch movie at home - return disc to machine. Done! Kiosk machines are in most Walmarts & some grocery stores in our area. You can go online to reserve DVDs, they email receipts & return confirmations.

I have used Red Box a few times and think that is a great deal. You can reserve online which I think is pretty nice and it is soooo cheap! Not a huge selection but they always have new releases.

Red box is really convenient and inexpensive usually i see one in the entrances of wal-mart. I think if they had a bit more of a selection they would probably give blockbuster and things like netflix a run for theyre money.

I use Red Box any time I rent a movie. There so conveniently place. It so nice to be at Cub Foos, McDonalds or Walgreens and pick up a good cheep movie. Something ells that is nice about the redbox, is if your rented movie dsent work for one reason or another, you can call the number on the DVD case, and they give you a promo code for a free rental to make up for the one that didn't work! If you have not used it yet, DO IT! I recomend it highly!!

love this!

This is the greatest invention since chocolate! So easy and fast!

The Red Box is the most convenient way for me and my husband to get movies! We've gone to the video store and quickly realized how expensive it is just to rent a movie for a few days. While grocery shopping one day, we seen it and seen that it is only a dollar a day to rent the movies!

My husband Rents Redbox movies at least once a week it seems like. It is very convienient, and a great price. The only thing I don't like is if you don't reserve a new release you may have to wait awhile to get the movie. But other than that it is worth it.

the convenience and great price makes this the best thing ever!!

Redbox is simple and easy to use. It's fantastic and cheap and located a most grocery stores and even some gas stations. What's nice is you can return the movie to any other redbox, and it's only a dollar (and ten cents to process) each rental day. Although some redboxes dont have the dvd i want, or the credit card swipe is slightly warn and takes a few tries, I highly recomend it!

I love Redbox. It is convenient and you can return anywhere. I have put the dvds in abox in another state and it was not a problem.

The movie stores are all dissapearing now. RedBox is springing up everywhere and they are super cheap and real convenient!!! You can return them to any RedBox which I love. The drawback is they are always out of what I want. You sure cant beat the price!!

I love renting movies from the redbox.

Redbox is great. It is super simple, and super quick. Plus there are lots of codes online for free rentals. I <3 it!

easy to use & the price is unbeatable and soon they will be carrying games as well!