Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara

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I did not like it well...seemed too thick and clumpy

I thoroughly dislike this product, what a waste of $$$. It goes on clumpy and only made my lashes looked spidery, no volume or fulness at all. Then getting it off was a mess, face wash and eye make up remover it looked like i had two black eyes, very disappointed.....i went bad to my other mascara....

smelt HORRIFIC. like rotting flowers. gave me really bad headaches. I would pick falsies over this one any day

To be honest I think this mascara is terrible the formula is thick and clumpy. Its as if I am rubbing a teaspoon of black gunk on my eyes in the end it flakes and my lashes are stuck together I wasted my money buying this.

To clumpy

ive tried alot of mascaras and this is my least doesnt give my lashes volume at all and clumps very easily.

I loved this product for a long time. It gives great volume and lasts all day. My only issue with it is that it flakes a lot and can clump after its been used for a week or two. I stopped using it because of the flaking. I hated having little black specs all over my face by the end of the day. As far as drug store makeup goes, I guess its pretty good since most cheaper brands tend to flake anyways. I would suggest Covergirls 'LashBlast Fusion' instead. Its a similar product and price, just better quality.

I really do not like this product. It goes on too think and clumps together.

this is a great mascara from a great company but it has one flaw, it gets clumpy! Other than that I would totally recommend this product but if you're like me you don't want a clumpy mascara!

This works fine as a mascara, but the smell really bugs me. All mascara smell a bit, but this is the worst I've run across. I can even smell it for a length of time after it dries. Not buying this again.

A little too goopy for my taste. I like a mascara wand I don't have to wipe off before I use.

Makes My eyelashes look super full but flakes easy and doesn't last all day

I think this mascara is too clumpy.

It clumps up for me and doesn't give me much length or volume

It is not bad but it does not separate the eyelashes well.