Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara

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I was quite disappointed, this doesn't give lashes any volume whatsoever, it adds a little length, but that was it. It also wasn't "patent leather shiny" like they claim. It also tends to clump when it goes on and starts to flake towards the end of the day. I'll go back to my tried and true Voluminous mascara by L'Oreal...

Don't buy it! It isn't worth spending a penny on! Did not like this product at all! Was very disappointed because I was so excited to try! It made my eyes itch and didn't really do anything that it said it would do. Through out the day it also became flakey! Seriously, don't waste your money!

i didn't like this mascara at all. i love all my maybelline products and thought this would be something different. i expected shine and length, but all i got was a blah black color, clumping and flaking. i tried blotting the mascara brush on a tissue like i have in the past with mascaras, but even that didn't help. i'll stick to great lash for now on.

I was really disappointed with this mascara. This product made my lashes clump and flaked off after just a couple hours. I only used this mascara twice before tossing it.

I should have known it would be a poor performer because it was in a special - buy the mascara and get an eyeliner free. Too often when a manufacturer offers you something for nothing, it means the main product is worth it on its own. I liked the eye liner that came with it, but will not buy this again. Great Lash is a much more effective product if you want long, noticeable but natural-looking lashes. This product was like wearing nothing at all - well, not quite, it became brittle over the course of the day and I lost several lashes. Not as easy to wash off as Great Lash. A real waste of money had it not been for the eyeliner freebie.

Just Tried this when it first came out, and was a thick, clumpy, messy situation. Any length it added was in the form of clumps and lumps of mascara. Would not try again

I didn't like this either!! VERY DISAPPOINTED!! It flakes off during the day and by early afternoon it doesn't even look like I'm wearing mascara!!!! I'm back to my L'Oreal Voluminous too!! Seems I always go back to it :)

did not like.... clumpy,brush was odd, didnt do it for me!!! Tossed it!!

In my personal experience all this mascara did was clumb my eyelashes. It does give you lenghth but doesn't curl them. I din't like this mascara at all.

This didnt really do anything, I was so excited to try it but the so disappointed with it. I knew it wouldnt be like the commercial because they use false lashes. I think the ony time it looked good was when i put more than 3 coats.

i dont not like this mascara the formula is very thin and gives me very unattractive spidery eyelashes not what i was expecting

It did add length to my lashes, but it didn't hold my curl either. It doesn't give it that "patent shine", and it gives you no volume AT ALL. I do like the wand though! It doesn't clump for me. (It also smells funky... I can smell it when I'm wearing it... :-S )

my mom bought me this and i was disappointed. didnt do much for my lashes

Not good for someone with sensitive eyes, my eyes began to water and sting before I could leave the house.

My friend likes this mascara... but I don't. All it does is add an extra coat of liquid... which makes my lashes look a tad bit.... visible? It doesn't hold any curls, adds no volume, and no length. Mmm... disappointment!