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  • Marliemaysmom By  Marliemaysmom    

    I have had a Apple iPod since I was 15 and always got the newest style from nano to iPod touch and so on. My only issue with the iPod touch is that after using it for only two months it always got slow and laggy.

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  • Byrdieq By  Byrdieq    

    Love these for my kids, can link to I pad, and parental controls are great.

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  • Kupiekake By  Kupiekake    

    It's a great way to start your Apple experience. I had the iPod 4 before I had my iPhone and honestly totally worth it. Most people now a day have one.. If you don't, what are you waiting for?

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  • zzsmmy62510 By  zzsmmy62510    

    I have had my Ipod touch since I was a teenager. It's so easy to use and my 3 year old can use it too.

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  • amotherandawife By  amotherandawife    

    Love my iPod touch. I use it for everything. My 5 year old daughter also loves using it. It is amazing!!

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  • amjama1 By  amjama1    

    Great gadget. Many times I am at home and all the televisions are occupied. I take out my ipod and watch a show or movie. Love this. I store all my favorite songs and videos on here too. On the go its really helpful, it keeps my toddler happy with all the apps I downloaded for her , educational and cartoons. Goes even faster when connected to WIFI.

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  • testingmama By  testingmama    

    My Ipod Touch is one of my favorite products that I have ever owned. I do not have a smartphone (and actually have data blocked on my phone) because I don't want to pay the ridiculous charges especially when I am home most of the time and have internet there. Well with the exception of working places with no wifi (which so many places have wifi now), this ipod touch does everything else that I would want a smartphone to do for me. I take photos, videos, play games, use the calendar, facebook, etc. There are so many free apps with Apple that I have never once paid for an app but have plenty of games, a fitness tracker, conversion tools, flashcards for my kids, etc. And with the Pinger app, whenever connected to wifi, I can text for free including picture texts. If I wanted to call, I can actually do that using points (you have to watch little videos or do other things to earn points) OR have the people call me and that doesn't cost me points. While I use the text whenever I want to send somebody a photo (since my data is blocked on my phonte), I don't use the calling feature often because... well, I have a phone and don't talk enough to go anywhere near my minutes. However, this feature was great when my husband went on a deployment to Okinawa. We didn't want to pay to get him a cellphone out there for 6 months and he was paying for internet in his room anyway. So he actually used his ipod touch as his only phone and made free phone calls through the Pinger app and it gives you a US number so calling him was free for us as well. Some other similar apps don't work outside the US but this one does. Another neat feature is that you can FaceTime with other ipod touch's as well as iphones. For people with smartphones, they probably would not use this very much (if at all) but for the rest of us, it is a GREAT product. Pricey up front but like I said, you don't have to pay ANYTHING after that if you don't want to. I use mine every day and have not put a single extra cent into it.

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  • lovestotestmakeup By  lovestotestmakeup    

    i really want one

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  • sarah61901 By  sarah61901    

    I bought this around Christmas last year, and I am very pleased with it. There are many apps to choose from and different built in features, and it's great for listening to music. I have noticed that when you try to crop a picture, sometimes it will go pixelated and your iPod will turn off and on again. But other than that, it was a great buy. Also, the app store crashes often.

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  • wlroberts By  wlroberts    

    I bought this for my husband for christmas two years ago. Really good product lots of storage

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  • Lottie729 By  Lottie729    

    I love my iPod touch. I have not treated mine well (no case or screen protector, dropped many times) and while it has its fair share of scratches, it is far less than what I thought it would have despite the abuse I give it. The apple headphones are a joke, but the iPod itself is great. Very easy to use and the keyboard is easier than the digital keyboards on a lot of android phones, although it is not the most convenient in the world. Overall I love my iPod touch and still have a ridiculous amount of memory on it despite the number of movies and songs downloaded!

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  • daltonje By  daltonje    

    I LOVE my ipod touch. I really wanted one and my husband bought it for my birthday last year. I have downloaded apps for both me and my son, lots of music and movies. It doesn't have take up much room so I can throw it in my purse and take it with my everywhere. I also have the cable to hook it up and listen to my ipod in the car. Would highly recommend to everyone!

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  • vgil0925 By  vgil0925    

    i love everything Apple. Th Itouch is great nd i ont know ho i ould function without it.

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  • jendeere By  jendeere    

    My 13 year old and I each have one and take turns playing our favorite songs. I love that its so portable, holds tons of music, apps and movies. I have lots of kid movies on here to keep my 3 year old niece occupied on car trips. She can easily find her favorite movies and apps.

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  • brookeblogs By  brookeblogs    

    Love the iPod Touch 4th Generation. It's simple to use, fast, and I love that I can connect to WiFi with it. Screen is very clear and sound is good.

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