Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel

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Amazing product. Skin care is so important to me and for all in general. Having a good product that really works is key!!!

I received samples of these peels and was not disappointed. I had heard so many good things. These pads help a lot with texture/blackheads/hyper pigmentation and even acne. They smell a little funny, very earthy, but overall the smell went away pretty quickly. Make sure to moisturizer after using, or they can irritate the skin.

This is a skincare product that really makes a difference in your skin. I've tried everything - from drugstore to department store to high-end - and this product has really made a difference. I should say that I've been blessed with healthy, clear skin, but this product makes it smooth, soft and eliminates blemishes. Plus, it hydrates so well....and every smart gal knows that hydration is crucial to great-looking skin. If you have sensitive skin, ask to try a sample first on a small area of your skin to check for irritation. This product uses a blend of acids to create (what my esthetician calls) a "controlled injury" that causes your skin to push forth collagen in order to "heal". This causes your skin to hydrate and "plump" up. It sounds a little like science-fiction, but it's a safe, great product that I would recommend to anyone!

I have severe acne on the face and back i would greatly appreciate a free sample :)

i would really like my mom to try this for her skin. im pretty sure she would love this product!!

Wow, currently I'm using Peter Thomas Roth and Dr Perricone and this sounds like a blend of both. I would say this is a must try !!

I have heard great things about this product and I would love to try it. Although it is a;ittle pricey if it works then I think it would be really worth it

have used this on and off for years, it is great for controlling breakouts since it keeps the pores from getting clogged to begin with. I have oily, acne prone skin and rosacea and this product has been useful. I keep it off my cheeks, where the rosacea is an issue, only use it on my forehead, nose, chin, jawline, chest and the top of my hands (where age shows first!) and have been pleased for more than five years with it. I tend to only use it for a week at a time, sine I am also very fair and as with all a/bhas you can become photosensitive. ALWAYS WEAR HIGH LEVEL SUNBLOCK WHEN USING THIS PRODUCT. A sunburn defeats the regerative purpose of the peel. Both Sephora and Beauty.com sometimes have samples of this product, if you are looking to try beore buying.

i would like to try.

I would love to try it!

i would absolutely LOVE to try this.