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  • Bettercustomeru By  Bettercustomeru    

    Comforting And Tasty

    THis magazine gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling with the "favorite meal my mom made" coloum. These are comfort Meals and only rarely low fat. Love this one

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  • hstorke By  hstorke    

    Taste Of Home is one of my favorite foodie magazines. I love to cook, bake, collect recipes, and entertain and I always find great recipes, cooking/baking tips, and great info and ideas for entertaining & holidays. And it has beautiful photos too. (Their website is great too.) I especially love that it has non-foofoo recipes that contain ingredients I usually already have on-hand, are recipes I'll actually make and enjoy. I recommend this to anyone interested in cooking/baking/recipes.

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  • admauck By  admauck    

    I currently have a subscription to this magazine and I enjoy reading it. I love that it doesn't come every month because that gives me time to take two months to read the whole thing and make some of the recipes.

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  • Budgirl By  Budgirl    

    Good magazine. Great pictures, articles and recipes. Expensive over all.

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  • lucydcarter By  lucydcarter    

    Love this magazine! You can find some really good recipes in it. I have used many over the past few years

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  • kbwils01 By  kbwils01    

    I love the holiday editions and keep a subscription mostly just for them. The regular month to month editions seem to get a little tedious. I always feel like they are throwing the same "Set it and forget it Crock pot recipes," at me. I am not saying that what they offer doesn't look delicious, just that I have seen it so many times in their magazine and all of the others in the checkout lanes at the grocery store. Four stars for offering brilliant entertaining ideas for the holidays, but one star off for lack of creativity throughout the rest of the year.

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  • snugarbear By  snugarbear    

    Love this magazine for quick and easy recipes with pictures !!! Great for new and seasoned cooks. These are recipes from all over from every day people for just regular cooks. Love it!!

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  • MyEmptyCanvas By  MyEmptyCanvas     SheSpeaks Tester

    Absolutely love all the recipes in this magazine. I don't throw many away haha

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  • Baileygirl43 By  Baileygirl43    

    Love the recipes.

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  • karenvnelson By  karenvnelson    

    I love this magazine. The assortment or recipes is great and the color photos are amazing!

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  • okcomputergirl13 By  okcomputergirl13    

    I absolutely love this magazine. I appreciate all of the delicious recipes, and the nutritional info on everything. I also buy every Taste of Home cookbook that I can get my greedy little hands on. Haven't found a bad one yet, and 90% of the time, the recipes are a big hit.

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  • JessyR By  JessyR    

    Taste of home is one of the good ones. You can count on finding at least one recipe per magazine, if not more. Most recipes are simple enough for a novice. There is great pictures. I haven't had a subscription for awhile, but I used to have one. And they had different categories. Like "Light&Fit", "Simple&Delicious". I haven't checked them out since I have became digital. I'll have to check that out. And then, tell you all about it.

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  • tealvr By  tealvr    

    It's like getting a cookbook with pictures in a magazine. I love getting this cause it makes me want to try cooking new recipes.

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  • RoseNoire By  RoseNoire    

    Taste of Home is an amazing magazine, they always has great inspiration for making meals. The recipes always turn out great!

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  • rajszc By  rajszc    

    I absolutely love taste of home!!! Been looking at their recipes wi my mom since I was very little. Still remember searching for the little toothpicks hidden throughout!!! But their recipes are always good... I haven't tried one that came out so-so. And what's better is that they provide a picture with every recipe they list. To me that's a must! I like know what my end product should look like.

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