Schick Quattro for Women Razor

Schick Quattro for Women Razor

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I use this razor and love it. Works well for me.

i love this razor! its shave lasts and doesnt cut you

love it, gives a good shave, blades last a little bit longer than most, in my opinion. but still pricey, if you find a coupon give it a shot :)

i loved this razor they are great they leave your skin feeling so soft

I have to be very picky with my razors as most contain something Im allergic to, however these work great! Ive been using them for a few months and have not had any reaction at all

Great razor! I used to use the Venus but it was getting too pricey with the refills. For a razor it's kind of outrageous. So I switched and love the Schick razor, works well and the refills were much cheaper. Plus there are always lots of coupons for them too. A better buy than disposables and eliminates extra trash in landfills for the eco smart.

I love these. I get a nice close smooth shave that seems to last longer. Theyre fantastic!

Love these, I use sensitive blades and they work great. Refills are expensive, but if you watch sales you can generally find them at a reasonable price.

I used to use the Men's Schick Quattro for a year or so until they finally came out with the same product for women! Great, close shave and rarely leaves you with shaving bumps, even if you're just shaving with water.

My daughter has sentitive skin, and was having problems with razor burn after shaving. We bought these razors and she has had minimal problem since and as she continues to use them, the burn is almost gone and no skin irritation at all.

one of the best razors i have ever used

Great Product.

It's o.k, still leaves and does not leave a smooth shave!!!

I've tried a number of types of razors - I always come back to this one!

Works great for how little they cost compared to some other razors. Definitely a razor worth keeping around.