Reynolds Oven Bags

Reynolds Oven Bags

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i haven't received it yet

great for an easy holiday cleanup. Makes the food very tender and tasty

These bags are great. They keep the pan clean which is what I love. Also, the meat comes out very tender.

these bags work great! we use them when we make meatloaf, makes clean up a snap.

My husband uses these but I personally don't like them and here's why, they cook the meat too quickly. I'd much rather slow roast because if you don't keep a constant eye on say your turkey or chicken it can quickly get burnt on the top or even dry out. BUT if you are keeping constant watch the meat does fall off the bone and remains juicy inside (the reason for the stars ... plus my husband swears by them) but it does when I slow roast as well with even cooking on top, nice and golden brown ... so I guess it depends on how you look at it.

I love the bags for all meat, they also make a great chicken and dumplings recipe I have. I sort of fudge when I want gravy out of the juices using either a jelly roll pan or cake pan to house the bag/meat. That way I dump the juices into the pan when done and toss the bag out. This way I can make the gravy in another pan or even use the cake pan itself to make the gravy.......It's really no more clean up as I wanted the gravy and would have used a pan for it anyway.

A must have during the holidays

These bags are life savers! Love them!

I'll never cook another turkey without an oven bag. The meat literally falls off the bone.

Have sued these for YEARS! Pretty much since they first came out. Work great for ham as well as turkey!

Love these bags. So easy to use, clean up is fast and easy, and the meat stays juicy and tender.

I use these on thanksgiving and Christmas. No fuss no muss...!

Works really well. Less clean up. Holds in the moisture to make the food more tender and moist.

These are the only bags I use for cooking my Turkey over Christmas! My turkey always comes out tender and juicy! Definitely worth trying and highly recommend.

Love the bags makes baking meats tender and seals in the juices. No messy clean up you I always keep this product around and the house not just for the holidays